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Frequently asked questions

Can I take classes in Mississauga or Scarborough? What about engineering courses?

Do I need to apply again if I want to return for the Fall/ Winter session?

Yes, you do. In other words:

  • If you were a Visiting Student during the Summer session, you need to submit a new application for the Fall/ Winter session.
  • If you were a Visiting Student during the Fall/ Winter session, you need to submit a new application for the Summer session.

How much does it cost to take a course?

1. FEES – SUMMER 2018

The cost for a domestic student to take a half-credit course (0.5 FCE) in Summer 2018 is:

  • $678.00 Academic Fees
  • $175.64 Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees
  • TOTAL: $853.64

The cost for an international student to take a half-credit course (0.5 FCE) in Summer 2018 is:

  • $4,980.00  academic fees
  • $175.64     incidental, system access & ancillary fees
  • $204.00    University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) Fees
  • TOTAL $5.359.64

2. FEES – FALL/ WINTER 2018-2019

The Fall/ Winter Fee Schedule will be posted in Summer 2018.  

As long as you stay within the 3.5 Full Course Equivalent (FCE) credit limit during the Fall/ Winter session, you will be charged course fees, which are calculated on a per-course basis.

However, if you enrol in more than 3.5 FCEs over the course of the Fall/ Winter session, you will be charged program fees, which are significantly costlier. Please contact our office if you have enrolled in more than 3.5 FCEs and/ or if you have been charged per-course fees.


Your financial plan should factor in non-academic costs of attending university such as housing, meals, transportation and books. The U of T Future Students page contains some estimates that can help you get started with your budgeting

When is the payment deadline?

The payment deadline is always listed in the Important Dates section of the Registration Instructions page. Select the academic session you are wondering about on the Timetable page and then click on Sessional & Important Dates. 

You’ll need to pay or defer your fees by the listed payment deadline; otherwise, you may be removed from your courses.

Is there financial aid available?

If you’re receiving OSAP, you can register without paying the “minimum required payment to register” amount shown on your ACORN invoice.

  • Under the Finances tab on ACORN, scroll down and click on Tuition Fee Deferral.
  • If you’re unable to defer your fees online, please contact the Visiting Students Program Office before the payment deadline to demonstrate your OSAP funding assessment, and we will manually defer your fees if you are eligible.
  • Unfortunately, we don't normally provide financial aid to visiting students other than OSAP.

I’ve changed my mind about which courses I want to take. Do I need a new letter of permission?

Yes, you’ll need to request a new letter of permission from your home university that contains an updated list of courses. If you’ve already received an email letter of offer from our office, you can go ahead and enrol in courses while you’re waiting for your home university to produce the new letter of permission.

What is the deadline to drop a course?

There are two different types of deadlines when it comes to cancelling courses:

  1. Last day to cancel a course without academic penalty. This is the last day to cancel an individual course so that it disappears from your permanent academic record. Find the list of deadlines to cancel a course without academic penalty here
  2. Last day to cancel a course and receive a full or partial refund. Here's how to find the refund schedule:
    • Go to the University of Toronto Student Accounts website. The Fall/ Winter deadlines are normally posted in July. 
    • Click on the academic session you're interested in (for example, 2018 2019 Fall & Winter), and then click on Divisional Tuition Fee & Refund Schedules. 
    • Click on Arts & Science - Faculty of. 
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Woodsworth College and click on Refund Schedules.
    • Once you've arrived at the refund schedule, scroll down to Course Fees – Refund Schedules and then click on Non-Degree Students

How do I get a refund?

University of Toronto refund policies and deadlines may be quite different from those at your college. These refund policies and deadlines are not flexible. 

If you withdraw from courses early in the session, you may be eligible for a refund of some portion of your fees. Refunds are calculated based on the date that you formally drop a course on ACORN. To find out about refund deadlines, see the previous question, "What is the deadline to drop a course?"

Please note:

  • You’ll be charged for all courses you’ve enrolled in, whether or not you attend class. In order to avoid this, you'll need to drop the class by the deadline. 
  • It’s important to keep your mailing address current on ACORN because all mail from the University, including refund cheques, will be sent to this address. U of T is not responsible for lost mail due to having an out-of-date mailing address on file. 

Can I stay in residence?

As a visiting student during the Summer session, you’re eligible to apply for the Woodsworth College Residence at the University of Toronto. The residence is conveniently located across from the St. George subway station and features apartment-style arrangements with private bedrooms and a shared kitchen. Applications for summer residence are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Residence accommodation is not available to visiting students during the Fall/ Winter session. Learn more about summer residence accommodations at Woodsworth.

What other types of housing are available?

As a Visiting Student, you will have access to off-campus housing listings and other housing resources on the U of T Housing website.

Can I transfer to U of T?

Each year, a number of Visiting Students seek admission to the Faculty of Arts & Science as transfer students. If you have completed no more than two years of study at another university, you may be admissible for up to ten transfer credits towards a twenty credit degree. The application deadline is January 30th for full-time and part-time studies. This is not handled by our office. Instead, you will need to apply through OUAC: the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

If you have questions that cannot be answered on the OUAC website, please contact University of Toronto Enrolment Services.  

Will I automatically receive a transcript?

No, you will need to request an official transcript yourself. You can do this using ACORN (U of T's student information system) or by contacting the University of Toronto Transcript Centre.

If you’d like an unofficial transcript, you can print one out using ACORN.