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Digital Humanities

Digital humanities (DH) is a discipline at the intersections of the humanities with computing.  DH studies human culture -- art, literature, history, geography, religion -- through computational tools and methodologies; and, in turn, DH studies the digital through humanist lenses.  Digital humanists analyze languages through digital text collections; build digital archives of forbidden booksconstruct video games to study literature; or resurrect historical cities through digital maps.

In introductory and advanced DH courses, students learn about the intellectual landscape of digital humanities scholarship. They learn how to build digital stories, exhibits, and maps; how to digitize rare books; how to analyze collections of data; how to construct digital models and 3D-print them; and how to manage major digital projects. By the end of the program, students conduct a major DH research project of their own or participate in the research of an established faculty project. Throughout the program, students gain a critical perspective on digital technologies, learning to consider the ways digital platforms shape, and are shaped by, the currents of wider social and cultural forces.

By providing this critical and technical skillset, the Digital Humanities Minor prepares students for future paths that range from graduate studies in literature, history, library science, education, or computer science, to careers as technical writers, data analysts and visualizers, project managers, or programmers.


Enrolment & Completion Requirements

Enrolment Requirements:
This is a Type 1 Program. Enrolment is open to students who have completed 4.0 FCEs.
Note:  It is not possible to complete this program in one year.  

Enrolment instructions are posted on the Faculty of Arts and Science website.


Completion Requirements:

Students who are in the program should check the program requirements on Degree Explorer.  

The Program Requirements listed in the 2020-21 Calendar apply to students who apply to the program in the next program admission cycle (Spring 2021)





Academics & Registration

The calendar lists all courses that are part of the A&S curriculum.  In addition, you will find important information about program and degree requirements. 

The course timetables (summer or fall/winter) list the courses that are being offered in a given session.  It provides all the information you need to enrol in courses.

Timetables and Registration Instructions

Course descriptions can be found in the Calendar.   Enter Digital Humanities in the program or course search function.

Students must have met prerequisite requirements as published in the most recent release of the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar. Students enrolled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites may have their registration in those courses cancelled at any time without warning.