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Non-Degree Students

Welcome to Woodsworth College! As a non-degree student, you have access to all the resources of one of the world's top-rated universities, plus the wealth of academic support and student life available at Woodsworth College. Below you will find enrolment instructions and a list of frequently asked questions. 

Please contact the Woodsworth College Office of the Registrar for academic advising - we are here to support you!

How to Enrol and Pay Fees


Log into ACORN

Your letter of offer will include your student number and your JOINid. Visit the JOINid website to enable your JOINid.

Once your JOINid is enabled you can log into ACORN. ACORN is U of T’s student information service - a hub for everything you need to manage your student life.

  • If you’ve logged in to JOINid or ACORN in the past, you can use the same login information that you used previously.
  • If you’ve applied to other U of T programs, you may be asked to provide an OUAC reference number at this point in the process.

Add a course

First day of enrolment

How to add a course

Under the Enrol & Manage menu option on ACORN, enter the course code for the course that you want to take. For example:


  • If there’s no space available in the course, you may be able to add yourself to a waitlist.
  • Not all courses are open to non-degree students. Please see our FAQ section below for details. 

Course fees vs. program fees 

During the Fall/ Winter session, you will initially be charged program fees. If you enrol in 3.5 Full Course Equivalent (FCE) credits during the Fall/ Winter session, you may be eligible to switch to course fees. You can access the Tuition Fee Assessment Change Request link on the Arts & Science website.

During the Summer session, you will be charged course fees, which are calculated on a per-course basis.


Confirm your prerequisites

If the course(s) you’ve chosen have prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions, you’ll need to contact the academic department for each course to demonstrate that you’ve met these. Some departments will require that you send them an unofficial version of your transcript. Make sure to do this well before the start of classes so that you aren’t removed from your courses.

Find a list of all academic units on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.


Pay your fees

View your invoice

  • Log into ACORN and click on the Financial Account tab to view your invoice. 


Tuition deferral

In some cases, you can defer your tuition if you are on OSAP or other provincial government aid. Learn how to defer your tuition.

How to pay

  1. You can pay your fees using online banking, if your bank offers this service.

    The payee name is University of Toronto.

    Your account number is on your invoice. Make sure to enter your account number correctly to ensure that your payment is credited to your U of T account.

    Save or print out a receipt of your payment. You might need this later as your proof of payment.
  2. Alternatively, you can pay your fees in person at your bank. If you do it this way, bring a copy of your ACORN invoice with you.
  3. See the complete list of payment methods on the Student Accounts website.

Proof of payment

As long as you’ve paid or deferred your fees on or before the deadline, you don’t need to do anything further. Bank processing can take several days, and the University has a grace period to allow for this.

However, if you’ve paid your fees after the deadline, you’ll need to send us a proof of payment. Email us your proof of payment right away so that we can complete your registration and ensure that you aren’t removed from your courses.


Student card & email account

  • Please visit the TCard website to learn how to activate your UTORid, get a TCard and set up your U of T email address.

Non-Degree FAQ

What is a non-degree student? 

A non-degree student is a student who is taking degree credit courses but who is not proceeding towards a degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Non-degree students usually have an undergraduate degree and are taking credit courses for the purposes of upgrading, graduate admission, professional accreditation or for general interest.

As a non-degree student, will I have access to the same courses as degree students?

In many cases, yes. However, here are a few important things to know:

  • Non-degree students are not eligible to take Rotman Commerce (RSM) courses.
  • Some courses give priority access to degree students enrolled in specific programs, or fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. For full details, consult the Faculty of Arts & Science Course Enrolment page
  • Fall/Winter course enrolment begins in early July for degree students, and begins in early-to-mid-August for non-degree students. For this reason, some courses will already be full by the time you enrol in August. 

I completed pre-requisite courses at another university. How will the academic departments know what my background is?

You are responsible for making sure that the academic departments in which you plan to take courses are aware of your background. Departments will not have access to the transcripts that you submitted when you applied for admission. Contact the undergraduate advisor in each department to ensure that you are qualified to enrol in each course you have selected. The advisor may need to view an electronic copy of your transcripts. You can find departmental telephone numbers in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar. 

Will I receive transfer credits from my first degree?

No, non-degree students are not assessed for transfer credits.

Where can I receive specific advice about course selection?

If you are taking courses to qualify for admission to a graduate or professional program or for professional certification, you should first contact an advisor in the graduate department, professional faculty or professional organization you are seeking admission to. You may want to determine whether you have to take specific courses, a certain number of courses, courses at a specific level or receive certain minimum grades.

Once you have determined what courses you need to take, please contact the Woodsworth College Office of the Registrar if you have further questions about course enrolment. 

I applied to work towards a second undergraduate degree. Why was I admitted as a non-degree student?

Admission to complete a second undergraduate degree is discretionary and not all requests are granted. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

  • Sometimes a second degree is not required for a student’s purposes. For example, one year as a non-degree student may satisfy admission requirements for a graduate or professional program.
  • It is possible that the applicant was not qualified to gain admission to the degree program in which they indicated an interest. Examples would be Commerce or Computer Science programs, which have specific course and grade pre-requisites. 
  • In some cases, non-degree status is awarded because the proposed area of study overlaps considerably with what was studied in the first degree.

Can non-degree students enrol in a program?

No, non-degree students who do not have an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto may not enrol in a program (Specialist, Major or Minor) as these are only a requirement for degree students.

Is there anything I should know before moving to Toronto?

If you are planning to move to Toronto to take classes as a non-degree student, we suggest that you contact the College first. We can advise you on the availability of the courses you wish to take. Some Fall/Winter courses fill up with degree students before non-degree students have the opportunity to enrol. Please contact us or visit us at the Woodsworth College Office of the Registrar for academic advising.