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Review the minimum admission requirements.

To qualify for admission, you must:

  • be at least 19 years of age by September 1 of the year in which you apply
  • be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or Protected Person
  • be away from formal, full-time education (high school and/or college) for at least two years. If you have previously attempted university courses, you are not eligible for admission.

Important information:

  • Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission and Woodsworth College has discretion on all admissions decisions.
  • All applications are reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Returning Pre-University or Academic Bridging Program students who did not complete the course successfully in their first attempt should contact us to discuss eligibility before reapplying to the program.
  • By accepting admission to the Academic Bridging Program, students forfeit any possible transfer credits from previous secondary or post-secondary studies.

Learn about program options.

Part-time option

The program is designed to be completed on a part-time basis, which involves taking one course as a part-time student. Most students choose this option.

There are two entry points in the academic year for the part-time Arts option – students apply to one:

  1. The Fall-Winter session takes place from September to April with classes running once a week – the application opens in April.
  2. The Winter session takes place from January to April with classes running twice a week  the application opens in October.


Students who successfully complete the part-time Arts option in either session are admitted to pursue degree studies (Honours Bachelor of Arts) in the Faculty of Arts and Science in the Humanities and Social Sciences streams, starting in the following academic year. This is the same as the students completing the full-time Arts option of the program!

Full-time options

The full-time options of the program involve taking three courses. There is a limited number of spaces available and only one entry point in the academic year:

  1. The Fall-Winter session takes place from September to April with classes running three times a week for the Arts option, and four times a week for the Science option – the application opens in April.


The full-time Arts option leads to degree studies (Honours Bachelor of Arts) in the Faculty of Arts and Science in the Humanities and Social Sciences streams, starting in the following academic year. This is the same as students completing the part-time Arts option of Bridging!

The full-time Science option leads to degree studies (Honours Bachelor of Science) in the Life Sciences and Physical and Mathematical Sciences streams, though restrictions may apply.

Please note that the Academic Bridging Program does NOT lead to degree studies in the Rotman Commerce or Computer Science programs.



Compile required documents.

Submit the following documents:

  • Transcripts for all previously attempted secondary and post-secondary education (e.g. high school, college, private college, university). Please note that transcripts must have been issued within six months of the application.
  • Statement of intent (see our FAQ page for a brief guideline on this document)
  • Proof of status in Canada
  • $95 application fee payable via credit card directly via the application.


Please note that applicants upload required documents directly via the application. If the issuing organization (e.g. school, school board, college) must provide us your transcript(s) directly, then you would submit an application with the document(s) missing first, and then arrange for us to receive digital copies directly to our email address.


Contact us.

We encourage you to get in touch to discuss your interest in the program if you have any questions or concerns about the listed eligibility and application requirements. You may email us or drop in to see us (find our location and office hours on the Registrar's Office webpage.)

If you have previously attended university but withdrew prior to completing any credits, you may still be eligible for Bridging. Likewise, if you attended university for non-degree courses then this may not impact your eligibility. Finally, students who completed only a limited number of degree credits and had their education interrupted by significant extenuating circumstances may also be eligible for our program.

In cases where it is not possible to provide a recent copy of a required transcript (with an issue date within six months of the application), we may be able to accept older copies. Common examples would be if the issuing organization (e.g. school, school board, college) no longer exists, or if the student would need to obtain the transcript outside of Canada in person. Please note that supporting documentation confirming the circumstances is required.


Applications for the 2024 Fall/September session are now open! The deadline to apply is July 12, 2024.


What happens after I apply?

Admission to the Academic Bridging Program is processed on a rolling basis – applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance of the deadline to ensure that there is space available in the program.

Once a completed application is received, including required transcripts and any supporting documentation as needed, we will contact you to schedule an admissions appointment. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your academic experiences, goals and challenges, and to discuss additional details about our program.

We do our best to provide an update to applicants within 2-4 weeks of receiving a completed application.

While applicants must submit transcripts as part of the application process, please note that there are no specific or minimum course, grade or graduation requirements to be eligible. However, priority in the full-time Science option is given to applicants who have completed math and chemistry courses at least in Grade 11 (or equivalent).

Additionally, in order to ensure academic readiness, applicants to the full-time Science option may be invited to complete an assessment of their math, chemistry and problem solving skills prior to receiving an admission decision.

A decision on your application will be sent to you via email approximately one month prior to the start of the program (i.e. early August for the Fall session; early December for the Winter session). If you are admitted, you will receive three important email communications:

  1. A welcome letter
  2. An Offer of Admission
  3. Registration instructions (including bursary information for part-time students)


During the admissions process, we strive to ensure that the Academic Bridging Program is suitable for you and your educational goals. In some cases, our program may not be the best pathway toward the degree or career path you are interested in. Where we are unable to offer admission, applicants are notified and we do our best to provide feedback regarding potential next steps.