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Academic Support


Learning Strategist

As a Learning Strategist, Jacquelyn Laurenda works with students in the Academic Bridging Program at Woodsworth College, the Transitional Year Programme, and graduates of these access programs who are currently registered in undergraduate studies. She supports students in group and one-on-one settings, teaching them metacognition (an understanding of how they think and learn), how to develop a growth mindset, and how to employ a personalized set of learning skills and strategies to enhance their academic success. Jacquelyn is fascinated by the limitless capacity of the human brain to learn and grow, and she loves nothing more than to see students thrive as they discover what they are truly capable of achieving.

Like many of the students she supports, Jacquelyn came to academia non-traditionally, through the Academic Bridging Program. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English (both from U of T) and since 2015 she has worked in a variety of student-facing roles, primarily at Woodsworth College. Jacquelyn’s personal and professional experiences with access programs have made her keenly aware of the obstacles non-traditional students may face as they pursue post-secondary studies. She is passionate about helping others understand their learning processes and growth potential so that they can overcome barriers and access the education they desire.

When she’s not on campus, Jacquelyn enjoys spending time with her family, working out, writing stories, and reading everything she can get her hands on.

Students can contact Jacquelyn directly at:


Academic Writing Centre

Welcome to the Woodsworth College Academic Writing Centre!

The Woodsworth College Academic Writing Centre offers one-on-one help with all aspects of writing in all subjects, at all stages of the writing process: understanding the assignment, developing a thesis and an argument, citing sources correctly, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing. 

We will coach you, prompting you to refine and clarify your thinking; we will teach you the skills you need to practice to become a better writer; we won’t tell you what to think or what to say, or edit or correct your work. 

We teach more than just writing! We can also help you improve other key academic skills: critical reading and thinking, lecture-listening, note-taking, making seminar presentations, preparing for tests and exams, and more.

There are two types of Writing Centre appointments:

  1. Online: synchronous, live-chat consultations;
  2. eTutoring: asynchronous, document-only appointments, without live chat.  

In-person appointments have been paused due to forthcoming construction.

Booking an appointment:

The Writing Centre is now open for the Fall/Winter 2023-2024 session!

Other writing resources:

Learn how to book a Writing Centre appointment:


Math Learning Centre

Hours for the Winter 2024 Term

The Woodsworth College Math Learning Centre will be open during the winter term from January 10 - April 19, 2024 (inclusive) with the exception of the February Reading Week. 

The Math Learning Centre is a drop-in help centre - no appointments required!

In-person hours:

  • Wednesdays: 1 - 3 pm 
  • Location: WW123 at 119 St. George Street

Online hours:

The Math Department's Learning Centre also offers support year-round. For more information and current hours, view the full list of Math Learning Centres on the Mathematics website.

Academic Writing Centre

Want to book an appointment at the Academic Writing Centre?

How has the Academic Writing Centre helped you?

Class of 2022. Major: Criminology and Sociolegal Studies. Double minor: Sociology; French Language.

"Whenever I have a serious essay due, I reach out to the Academic Writing Centre. This has been extremely beneficial and has improved how I am as a writer. This service helps bring students up to the university standards, which is great since every student comes from different writing expectations."

Class of 2023. Major: Psychology. Double minor: Education and Society; French Language.

"Every appointment at the Academic Writing Centre gives me a new perspective on my own writing. To think and write academically, I really needed guidance on how to build a strong thesis and develop my idea logically. Now I am not scared of essays, but actually enjoy writing them."

Class of 2021. Specialist: Political Science. Minor: Canadian Studies.

"I used the Academic Writing Centre to seek guidance on an essay. The staff were incredibly supportive - they helped me clarify my writing style and articulate my arguments better. And as I'm sure you can guess, this made my mark stronger!"