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Academic Support


Academic Writing Centre

The Woodsworth College Academic Writing Centre offers one-on-one help with all aspects of academic writing. You can use the Centre at any stage of the writing process from the starting point to the final draft, and you can work on the same paper over several appointments if necessary. An experienced instructor will read your work-in-progress and help you understand the topic, develop an effective thesis, organize a strong argument, document your sources correctly and improve your grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, as of Monday March 16th, all the Writing Centre’s Face-to-Face appointments are being converted to online E-Tutoring sessions until further notice.  We have added an option to Face-to-Face appointments that enables you to attach a file to your appointment when you make it, or (if you've already booked it) by logging in again and editing the appointment.
Here's how it works: Upload your draft (as a Word document, please, not a pdf) and the prof's assignment instructions as either one composite document or 2 separate documents by doing the following:
- click on your appointment on the schedule
- click on 'Edit Appointment'
- click on 'Choose file'
- select your draft from your own files
- click on 'Save Changes' (DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS).
The instructor will read your draft, add general comments at the end of the essay and particular comments in the margins, then upload the commented-on document back to the appointment record.  When you receive an email telling you the appointment has been modified, login again, go to the appointment and download the commented-on document.
PLEASE NOTE: these E-Tutoring appointments are solely document based: they don’t involve online or telephone conferencing. 

Log in to view and book available appointments.

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Other writing resources:


Computer Lab

The joint Woodsworth/ Commerce computer facility is located in room WW116 at 119 St. George Street.

The lab features:

  • 13 PCs (Windows)
  • current versions of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • workstations are equipped with a scanner, Zoom Text and Kurzweil software
  • ramp access
  • height adjustable desk

Hours of Operation: 

To be announced.


Learning Strategist

What is a learning strategist?

Students looking for additional academic support can set up an appointment to meet with our Learning Strategist, Alyssia Bueno. Alyssia offers one-on-one, individualized appointments to discuss strategies and skills related to learning. These include strategies around the following:

  • time management
  • organization
  • note taking
  • test taking
  • managing test anxiety
  • study skills
  • academic reading and writing
  • research skills
  • presentations
  • navigating the university environment

Alyssia supports current & former Woodsworth College students including those from the Academic Bridging Program and Transitional Year Programme.


To book an appointment with Alyssia, please email her at


As a Learning Strategist, Alyssia Bueno works with students in the Academic Bridging Program at Woodsworth College, the Transitional Year Programme, as well as graduates of these programs who are currently registered in full time undergraduate studies. She supports students in a one-on-one setting, by teaching and assisting students to develop various academic skills including time management, organization, note taking, study strategies, test taking as well as reading and writing strategies.

Alyssia comes to Woodsworth with over 5 years of experience in a variety of student support oriented positions within the university and college settings, specifically in the area of accessible learning. She has held number of previous positions at other post-secondary institutions including roles as an Accessibility Consultant, Learning Strategist and Academic Skills Tutor.

Beyond the post-secondary setting, Alyssia is also an Ontario Certified Teacher. Fundamental to her pedagogy is a belief in a student-centred, strengths-based approach through which she works to actively encourage critical self- reflection and self-advocacy. She is committed to creating an inclusive and safe space for those that she works with and is constantly looking for new ways for learning to be accessible for all.


Math Learning Centre

The Woodsworth College Math Learning Centre has moved online.

Want to meet other people who are in your math course to study together? Check back soon to learn about our online sessions!

Additional resources and Math Learning Centre Information for Summer Courses:

Academic Writing Centre

Want to book an appointment at the Academic Writing Centre?

How has the Academic Writing Centre helped you?

Class of 2022. Major: Criminology and Sociolegal Studies. Double minor: Sociology; French Language.

"Whenever I have a serious essay due, I reach out to the Academic Writing Centre. This has been extremely beneficial and has improved how I am as a writer. This service helps bring students up to the university standards, which is great since every student comes from different writing expectations."

Class of 2021. Major: Psychology. Double minor: Education and Society; French Language.

"Every appointment at the Academic Writing Centre gives me a new perspective on my own writing. To think and write academically, I really needed guidance on how to build a strong thesis and develop my idea logically. Now I am not scared of essays, but actually enjoy writing them."

Class of 2020. Rotman Commerce, Specialist in Accounting. Minor: Economics.

"The Academic Writing Centre helped me so much, especially in my transition from high school to university. I booked appointments for idea generation, outlines and draft editing. Having an appointment for each phase of essay writing helps me stay on track of the process. The advisors are super-helpful and friendly!"