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First-year student Shannon Komguem...

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Shannon Komguem
Shannon Komguem

Before arriving on campus this fall, Shannon Komguem was already hard at work. She spent three weeks in Seattle, Washington as a student in Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI).

"I can confidently say that it was the best summer ever!” says Shannon. "Not only did we have the opportunity to code with Google software engineers, we also received career related talks by their recruiters and advice from their interns."

Shannon, who has lived in Toronto for most of her life, chose U of T partly because of her love for the city. “I’ve always wanted to be at the centre of it all," says Shannon. "U of T, being in the heart of Toronto, seemed like the best option for me!”

U of T's diverse student body was also a major draw for Shannon. “I love to meet new people who have had different life experience from my own," she says. "It’s so interesting to hear about the experiences that make a person who they are." 

Although she hopes to major in computer science, Shannon plans to keep her options open. With interests that range from machine learning and data science to quantum physics, Shannon intends to experiment with as many fields as possible in order to find the perfect fit.

If she seems ready to tackle anything that comes her way, it may be partly due to the confidence Shannon gained at her internship. One piece of advice she really took to heart was in relation to "imposter syndrome." "Someone who suffers from imposter syndrome doesn’t believe that they deserve the opportunities that they are given," explains Shannon. "My time at Google taught me to stop doubting myself, and not to let my uncertainty stop me from reaching for the top.”

When asked if she has any advice for students considering an internship, Shannon says: try not be intimidated. “Although it is true that internships can be very competitive, don’t let that stop you from applying to the ones that interest you," urges Shannon. "Everyone has their own set of skills and experiences, and I believe that if you present them effectively, many employers will be glad to give you a chance.”


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