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Convocation 2023: Meet Medha Wadhwa

May 29, 2023

"I'm grateful for all of the wonderful experiences and memories I've had at UofT."

Image of Medha Wadhwa

Coming to U of T

When Medha Wadhwa decided to come to U of T, she was intrigued by the prestige of U of T and Rotman Commerce. She worked diligently in high school to achieve her goal to be able to attend Rotman. U of T was also a good fit for her because it was in the city and she was able to study both business and drama – a unique pairing.

Medha found her community at Woodsworth College through her friend’s suggestion: “I had a friend who was a year ahead of me, and she was a part of Woodsworth College. She said she enjoyed her experience at the college and it felt like more of a tight knit community. It also worked out perfectly for me because Woodsworth College has such a nice residence and is connected to many Rotman Commerce classrooms.

Outside of the Classroom

Aside from her academics, Medha also thrived in her co-curricular activities. Over the years she was involved in several leadership roles at Rotman Commerce Toastmasters, a public speaking club, and the Rotman Commerce Arts Group. She was also a dancer in the Junoon Bollywood Dance Group and involved in campus theatre and sketch comedy. Between third and fourth year, she was a Porter at Woodsworth College, a Residence Don, and joined the Woodsworth College Students' Association (WCSA) as the secretary. This year Medha was a recipient of the University of Toronto Student Leadership Award for her leadership, volunteer service, and commitment to the university. One of her favourite memories of her time at Woodsworth is the end of the year Residence Carnival event. She recalls, “So many students came out to celebrate the end of the year, it was so heartwarming to see! Everyone was celebrating together- it was a very happy time.”

The Next Chapter

Now that her undergraduate degree is completed, among feelings of anticipation for the future, Medha says, “I am grateful that I had such a positive experience the last four years, even with the pandemic. I am grateful for all of the support I have received and witnessed.”

Medha is hoping to pursue a career that combines her interest in creativity and business. In her spare time, she works on her Instagram account that is focused on accessibility within the arts, @medhaurora, and hopes to start a podcast someday.

Congratulations Medha!

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