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Alumni Café: Adapting to the Post-COVID Labour Market - Networking, Reskilling and Remote Work


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes and challenges to the labour market, affecting both employers and employees in numerous ways. To adapt to the new realities of work and prepare for the future, you are invited to an insightful panel discussion. Join our superb panelists Dejan Grahovac and Hanna Ha while they explore the following topics:

  • Understanding the changes in the job market post-COVID-19, from both the employer’s and employee's perspectives.
  • Strategies for building connections and networking effectively in a virtual environment and preparing for in-person networking events.
  • Mental health and wellness, particularly during a job search or when facing job loss.
  • Reskilling and upskilling to stay competitive, including the types of skills that are in high demand in the current job market.
  • How to navigate job interviews and onboarding processes in a remote work environment.

The panel discussion will provide valuable perceptions for job seekers, employers, and individuals seeking to navigate the post-COVID-19 job market effectively.

Following the panel and Q&A, attendees will have the opportunity to join Zoom breakout rooms for further discussion and networking.