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George Brown College Transfer Credits

George Brown College Course

U of T Credit

SSCI 1012 Intro to Psychology I

SSC1 1015 Intro to Psychology II

PSY 100H1 

TBB 1**H

SSCI 1013 Intro to Sociology I 

SSCI 1014 Intro to Sociology II

SOC 100H1
SOC 150H1

SOC 101Y1,
SOC 102H1,
SOC 103H1

HUMN 1033 Critical Approaches to Literature |

HUMN 1034 Intro to Canadian Literature

ENG 1**H
 ENG 1**H

ENG 140Y1

GSCI 1024 Environmental Studies

ENV 2**H

GSSC 1055 Fundamental Themes in Geography


GGR 1**H

GGR 100H1, GGR 107H1,
GGR 124H1.
Student should consult Department.

HUMN 1029 Intro to Philosophy  I 

HUMN 1030 Intro to Philosophy  II


PHL 1**Y

PHL 100Y1,
PHL 201H1

HUMN 1031 Canadian Studies 

HUMN 1032 Foundations of Canadian Culture

CDN 2**Y

The above transfer credits are current as of September 2023