Fee Payment Deadline (2016 - 17 Fall/Winter Session): August 23

How and when to pay your fees

To be automatically registered for the fall-winter session you must enrol in courses AND pay at least the minimum first installment of your fees (or officially defer them) by August 23.

If your payment has not been received or officially deferred by August 23, you will be removed from your courses.

IMPORTANT: Students on waiting lists will be added to the course when space is made available at any time. You may not be able to be reinstated to a course that you have been removed from because students on waiting lists may have filled the space created.

Deferring your fees

If you have been approved for OSAP and aren’t able to pay the minimum payment before you receive your OSAP loan you may be eligible to defer your fees by August 23. To defer your fees on ROSI, click the Financial Account tab. The deferral button is near the bottom of the page.

If you defer all or part of your fees, service charge will be assessed on your outstanding account balance beginning November 15th and on the 15th of every month thereafter until the account is paid in full.

Tuition Refunds

The deadline to receive a tuition refund can be found on the Student Accounts website under “refund schedule”.  Don’t confuse the dates to drop courses for a tuition refund and the dates to drop courses without academic penalty!

Outstanding Tuition Balance

If you have a balance remaining in your student account it must be cleared before you can register in any subsequent session.