Studies After Bridging FAQs

To pursue degree studies at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science, students:
must be a resident of the province of Ontario for at least 12 months;
must have successfully completed one Academic Bridging course, with a minimum final standing of 63% for part-time studies or 73% for full-time studies.

Some programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science have additional Ontario Grade 12 university preparation subject requirements.  For recommendations on how to upgrade prerequisite courses, click on the PDF link to the right of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions from Students Graduating from Academic Bridging


When and how will I receive my final mark?
Final grades are posted on ACORN/ROSI typically 3 to 5 weeks after the examination.  To login, to ACORN student will use their UTORid and password, students will need their student number and a PIN to use ROSI.  If you have not used ROSI, follow the instructions for a first time user.

Do I need to submit an admission application to continue studies in Humanities and Social Sciences after Bridging?
No, students who successfully complete the Program with at least 63% will be admitted automatically by Bridging, to the University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science, as a Humanities and Social Science student for the following September session.

What if I am interested in an studying in a program outside of the Humanities and Social Science stream, or with another Campus or Faculty?
Students interested in programs outside of Humanities and Social Sciences (including Economics, Forest Conservation, Public Policy, Commerce, Sciences, and Computer Science) or those wanting to continue studies at UTSC or UTM, will need to submit an Other Degree Consideration form to the program office before the end of classes.  These programs will most likely will require the completion of additional Ontario grade 12/4U subject requirements. 

Academic Bridging will not qualify students for admission to other Faculties at U of T such as Architecture, Engineering, Music, Architecture, or Kinesiology and Physical Education.  Students will need to submit a separate application to the Admission Office ( for these Faculties; admission is very competitive and requires top grades. 

I have my final grade; what is the next step to select courses for September?
Students who achieved a mark of 63% or higher will have successfully completed the Program and will automatically receive their admission package in June or July with instructions regarding course registration.  First-year information sessions are offered to guide students through the registration process; attendance is not mandatory, but students find these sessions extremely helpful with their program planning.

I did not receive the required grade for admission to the University of Toronto.  What options are available to me?
Students who received a mark between 50% and 62% are advised to contact the Bridging Office to discuss their academic options.  Students who receive a mark of less than 50% unfortunately have failed the course and must contact the Academic Bridging Program office at to reapply to the Bridging Program.

Can I take courses in the immediate summer session?
Due to time constraints and space availability, summer course options are limited.  Students interested in taking summer courses should review the summer timetable online and contact the Academic Bridging office for information on registration timelines.

What if I do not want to start my degree studies immediately?
Students who decide to take a break from academia can resume their studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science, with Woodworth College, in a future session.  Upon returning at a later date, students will need to complete a “Request for Reactivation” form and pay a reaction fee (currently $25) at the Registrar’s office.

How do I get a transcript for my Academic Bridging/Pre-University course?
Transcripts for Academic Bridging courses can be ordered through ROSI at or by providing the request in writing to the Faculty of Arts and Science Transcript Office at

Students who were registered with the University of Toronto Pre-University Program, the mature student program prior to the year 2000, can obtain a transcript for their Pre-University course by returning the completed PreU transcript request form to the Academic Bridging Office, or by providing the request in writing to the Bridging Office by email or fax. There is a CDN $10.00 for each transcript ordered.

Where can I find more information about bursaries, scholarships, and the student services available at Woodsworth College?
Information regarding financial aid and academic sessions are available on the Current Students page through the main Woodsworth website.  For a summary of the student services at Woodsworth, please visit the Student Services link also found on the Woodsworth website at

What is the Academic Bridging Mentorship Program and how do I apply?
The Academic Bridging Mentorship Program matches Bridging Alumni who are eager and willing to share their personal experiences, with individuals rolling over from Academic Bridging to full or part time studies at the University of Toronto. This program focuses on creating meaningful one-on-one relationships, which will be supplemented by intermittent seminars, and events. For more information, please visit the Peer Mentorship Program website.