First Year Options

Woodsworth One

College One programs typically combine one or more theme-based courses with co-curricular events (e.g. guest lectures) and experiential learning opportunities. All first-year, full-time students in the Faculty of Arts and Science, regardless of college affiliation, are eligible for admission to these programs.

In Woodsworth One – Order and Disorder – students will explore issues and topics on law and order through seminars introducing perspectives from criminology, sociology, political science, philosophy, and history. In addition to the interdisciplinary seminars, the program includes a wide range of community-building activities, guest lectures, student leadership events, and special field trips. As much as possible, students will be enrolled in special Woodsworth One tutorial sections in their Arts & Science courses, unifying your entire First Year experience. Visit the Woodsworth One website.


199 Seminars

199 seminars are courses that focus on a discussion of issues, questions and controversies surrounding a particular discipline (or several disciplines) in a small-group setting that encourages the development of oral presentation skills, critical thinking, writing skills, and research methods. With a maximum enrolment of 24 students each, they are an ideal way to have an enjoyable and challenging small-class experience in their first year.  Visit the Woodsworth College First Year Seminars page to learn more. 


First Year Learning Communities (FLCs) 

FLCs provide first-year students with the opportunity to meet classmates, develop friendships, form study groups, and develop academic and personal skills. FLCs also introduce students to the resources, opportunities, culture, and benefit of the campus and its surrounding communities.

Life Science FLCs are limited to first-year students who are not living in a University residence. Students who choose to enroll in a FLC are placed in a group of 24 students from the same college in a number of core courses. For example, in 2016 - 2017, Life Science FLC students were automatically enrolled in the same sections of BIO120H1F and BIO130H1S; MAT135H1F and MAT136H1S; CHM135H1F and CHM136H1S. Each FLC is facilitated by an upper-year student mentor, under the guidance of staff from your college and a professor. For more information about “FLCs” visit First Year Learning Community.