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When will I find out what residence I am in?

You will find out in August what your specific residence placement is. You can either look on StarRez to see you residence preferences or contact the Housing Office if you have more questions. 

Who should I contact for issues with a deposit or refund?

Please contact the Housing Office for questions concerning deposits or refunds.

How many people will be in a suite?

There will be 2 people per suite. This is subject to change if guidelines given by local public health officials change. 

Is there more information regarding residence and COVID-19? 

Please visit the Vice-Provosts FAQ Page for COVID-19 related residence questions.

Will Woodsworth College Residence be open for Fall 2020? 

Yes, Woodworth College Residence will be open during the 2020-21 school year. 

I have a disability. Am I still able to receive accommodations for my disability as a Visiting Student?

If you require accommodations for a disability, or have any accessibility related concerns, please connect with Accessibility Services as soon as possible. We recommend that you register with Accessibility Services before your classes begin. This is especially important during the summer session since summer courses run on a compressed schedule (six or 12 weeks).

Accessibility Services supports students with a documented disability, whether physical, sensory, learning disabilities or mental and chronic health. Students with a temporary disability (e.g. concussion, broken arm or leg,) are also eligible. Visit the Accessibility Services website to find more information about registering, accommodations, peer mentoring and more.

Will I automatically receive a transcript?

No, you will need to request an official transcript yourself. You can do this using ACORN (U of T's student information system) or by contacting the University of Toronto Transcript Centre.

If you’d like an unofficial transcript, you can print one out using ACORN.

Can I transfer to U of T?

Each year, a number of Visiting Students seek admission to the Faculty of Arts & Science as transfer students. If you have completed no more than two years of study at another university, you may be admissible for up to ten transfer credits towards a twenty credit degree. The application deadline is in January of each year for full-time and part-time studies. This is not handled by our office. Instead, you will need to apply through OUAC: the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

If you have questions that cannot be answered on the OUAC website, please contact University of Toronto Enrolment Services.  

What types of housing are available?

As a Visiting Student, you will have access to off-campus housing listings and other housing resources on the U of T Housing website.

How do I get a refund?

University of Toronto refund policies and deadlines may be quite different from those at your college. These refund policies and deadlines are not flexible. 

If you withdraw from courses early in the session, you may be eligible for a refund of some portion of your fees. Refunds are calculated based on the date that you formally drop a course on ACORN. To find out about refund deadlines, see the previous question, "What is the deadline to drop a course?"

Please note:

  • You’ll be charged for all courses you’ve enrolled in, whether or not you attend class. In order to avoid this, you'll need to drop the class by the deadline. 
  • It’s important to keep your mailing address current on ACORN because all mail from the University, including refund cheques, will be sent to this address. U of T is not responsible for lost mail due to having an out-of-date mailing address on file. 
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