Summer Residence - Reserve Your Spot Now

Independent Living・Student Prices・Downtown Toronto

Welcome to the wonderful Woodsworth College Residence, the University of Toronto’s top residence for students and young professionals seeking summer accommodation!

Application Status: Full capacity for summer reached. Applications at
this time will be added to our waitlist.

Please note: the following vacancies are available for short-term stays:

2 female spots, May 5th to May 31st
1 female spot, May 5th to May 19th
1 male spot, May 5th to May 24th
1 female spot, July 1st - August 24th
1 female spot, July 15th - August 24th

If you would like to reserve one of these rooms, please complete online
application with the requested date. For payment, scan and email “paper
form” when prompted.
Rates & Dates
Payment Options
Suitemate Selection & Room Assignments
Occupancy Agreement
Moving-in FAQ

Rates & Dates

  Full Summer    May 5 - August 24    $2750  
  1st Session    May 10 - June 28**    $1650  
  2nd Session    June 30 - August 24    $1650  

**First semester summer applications will be accepted mid-April
*Regular rates apply to bookings outside the sessional dates.
Early Move-In add on $300 on any day between May 1 - 4
August Extension add on $300 until any day before August 31

Open to students, young professionals and visitors to Toronto
Must submit valid credit card information
Full payment must be made 15 days prior to arrival

Payment Options
Online by credit card
Certified cheque or money order
Credit, debit & cash accepted in person at the Front Desk

Suitemate Selection & Room Assignments
Please remember that if you are requesting to live with friends - the 4 person south view suites are typically given to set groups of 4 mutually requested suitemates that are staying for the same dates! Be sure to book early with your group!

For those who are curious about how room assignments work, here is the criteria we look at in order:

1. Matching arrival & departure dates
2. Date of application
3. Suitemate requests and Preferences (same gender, etc.)
4. Other factors

We try our best to make suites as new applicants reserve their rooms so room assignments are subject to change until you officially check-in.

Occupancy Agreement
The rights and responsibilities of the residence and the resident (you!) are outlined here:
Summer 2014 Occupancy Agreement
Resident’s Handbook

To cancel, 30 days written notice is required. Email is considered written notice.
Please review the Cancellation section of the Occupancy Agreement about cancellation penalties.

Moving-in FAQ
What should I remember to bring or purchase for my stay at Woodsworth?

  • Laptop, printer, & phone charger cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • Bedding and a pillow
  • Towel, toiletries and toilet roll
  • Clothes hangers, laundry detergent
  • Kitchen supplies, dishes and cutlery

Can I have my mail delivered to the residence? What about packages?
Yes, all mail that is delivered to the residence is held at the Front Desk. If a package or couriered mail item arrives for you, the Front Desk Porters will notify you by email.