Tuition & Payment

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars. The CDN $90.00 non-refundable application fee is not part of the tuition fee.


The fee schedule for the Fall/ Winter 2017 - 2018 session (Domestic students) can be found here.

The cost for a Domestic student taking one full course during the 2017 - 2018 Fall/ Winter session is:

$1318.00 Academic Fees
$494.38 Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees
$1812.38 TOTAL

The fee schedule for the Fall/ Winter 2017 - 2018 session (International students) can be found here. 

The cost for an International student taking one full course during the 2017 - 2018 Fall/ Winter session is:

$9138.00  Academic Fees
$494.38    Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees
$612.00   University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) Fees
$10,244.38 TOTAL


Visiting Students are eligible to take up to 3.5 courses for the fall/winter session and will be charged the per course fee. If you plan to add and drop courses during the fall/winter enrolment period, you are at risk of going over the 3.5 course fee limit and may be switched to a PROGRAM FEE of approximately $7500.00. Please contact the program office for advice if you drop courses after they have started and intend on adding new courses.


The fee schedule for the 2018 Summer session has not yet been posted. For your reference, we have listed a breakdown of the fees for the Summer 2017 session below. Please note that fees are subject to change in each session.

The cost for a Domestic student taking one full course during the 2017 Summer session was:

$1318.00 Academic Fees
$158.19 Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees
$1476.19 TOTAL

The cost for an International student taking one full course during the 2017 Summer session was:

$9138.00  Academic Fees
$158.19    Incidental, System Access & Ancillary Fees
$204.00   University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) Fees
$9500.19 TOTAL


Once you have successfully enrolled in your courses and have confirmed your prerequisites with the appropriate department, you must pay or defer your tuition fees to be officially enrolled at the University of Toronto. Fees can be paid by using telephone or online banking, or at a branch with your fees invoice. You can also defer your fees at the college if you have applied for a government loan. Detailed information on fee payment options is included in your admission package.


Students are responsible for reading and familiarizing themselves with the Refund Schedule. Read the schedule carefully - the refund policies and deadlines may be different from those at your home university. Please note that the last day for withdrawing from a course without academic penalty is much later than the deadline for withdrawing and receiving a refund. Also note that students are charged for all courses in which they enrol, whether or not they attend class.

The 2017 Summer session Refund Schedule can be found here. 

The 2017 - 2018 Fall/ Winter Refund Schedule can be found here. 


Visting Students are required to have a financial plan in place prior to applying.  Your financial plan should factor in non-academic costs of attending the University, such as residence, meal plans, transportation, books and other expenses.  Please click here for more information to help you with your financial planning and contact our office if you have any questions. Please keep in mind that the figures are estimates.  Depending on whether you’re living on campus, renting housing off campus, or commuting from your family home, your costs for residence, food and transportation will vary. These costs may be less if you are intending to stay for only one term (ie: summer session or winter session) versus a full academic year (ie: fall/winter).

All information related to fees, refunds and payment deadlines can be found on the University of Toronto Student Accounts website. If you have questions or require assistance, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Woodsworth College.