Prerequisites & Restrictions

Many courses require specific prerequisites that will be checked by the academic department that sponsors your course (s). You should be prepared to show your academic transcript to the department.

Please address all enquiries to


Please check whether you have prerequisites for the courses you plan to take in the Arts and Science Calendar.  Failure to do so may result in being removed from the course(s), even if fees have been paid.

Also, if you wish to have a prerequisite waived, you must still seek departmental approval, and some departments do not waive prerequisites. Visiting Students may be required to forward an unofficial copy of their transcripts to the University of Toronto Department for those courses with listed prerequisites.

Remember: Simply having a Letter of Permission from your home university does not necessarily satisfy University of Toronto prerequisites! If you have any questions about how to contact a department, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Woodsworth College.

Click here for departmental websites and telephone numbers.


The Department of Economics at the University of Toronto follow all prerequisites on all Economics courses listed in the Arts and Science Calendar

Having a Letter of Permission from your home university does not necessarily mean that you are qualified to take Economics (ECO) courses at the University of Toronto. 

The Department of Economics will require a transcript from your home university to ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites.  Please keep in mind that 0.5 credit courses (or one semester courses) in one institution are not equivalent to full year courses here.   If you plan to take an Economics course on a Letter of Permission, you must email the Department of Economics and indicate what courses at your home university you are using for the full course equivalent at the University of Toronto and include a copy of your transcript and your U of T student number for their office to review. 

Please refer to their website for more information at:

Department of Economics, University of Toronto

150 St. George St.

Toronto, Ontario

M5S 3G7

General Inquiries: 416-978-4622


Visiting Students may enroll only in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

If you wish to take courses in other faculties such as Applied Science and Engineering, you should contact the division directly.

Some departments, such as Rotman Commerce, are restricted programs and are NOT open to Visiting Students. The Faculty of Arts and Science does not allow Visiting Students to enrol in restricted course(s), even if they are approved on your LOP. The Visiting Student Program Office will NOT accept Letters of Permission (LOP) that include RSM courses.

Other departments that may have restrictions or enrolment controls are Computer Science (CSC), Fine Art History (FAH), Psychology (PSY), Criminology and Sociolegal Studies (CRI), Employment Relations (IRE), and upper level courses offered at various departments.

Returning Visiting Students cannot repeat courses already taken at the University of Toronto.

Students should review the Enrolment Indicators for all courses they are interested in. Please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Woodsworth College if you have any questions regarding restricted courses, prior to submitting your online application form.