Welcome to the Visiting Students Program at the University of Toronto! Each summer, Woodsworth College admits hundreds of students from all over Canada and provides students with an opportunity to attend the University of Toronto for one academic session.

All enquiries should be addressed to our office at visiting.students@utoronto.ca


Visiting Students are from recognized universities located in North America, who are admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science on the basis of a Letter of Permission (LOP) issued from their home university. The purpose of enrolling in courses as a Visiting Student is to transfer credits back to an undergraduate degree program at their home institution.

Visiting Students are University of Toronto students for the duration of the session in which they are registered. As a Visiting Student, you have full access to all University of Toronto student services, world class resources and facilities, including all libraries, athletic facilities and health services. The Woodsworth College residence is also available for Visiting Students interested in housing during the Summer session. Woodsworth College residence is not an option for the Fall/Winter session.  Located on the St. George campus, the new residence boasts suite-style apartments and impressive views of the Toronto skyline. 


Visiting Students must be in good standing at their home university. They may not be on probation, suspended or expelled. Transcripts and English Facility Test results may be required and you should be prepared to present a transcript to the Woodsworth College or an academic department to verify your prerequisite course background.


International students enrolled in institutions outside of North America may apply through the International Summer Program. Please visit the International Summer Program website or email our office for further information.


Returning Visiting Students: Students reapplying as a Visiting Student will have to go through the application procedure for each session they are applying for and submit a new Letter of Permission.  Returning visiting students will be assessed based on previous performance at the University of Toronto.  Furthermore, returning visiting students can only complete 5.0 credits at the University of Toronto. Please keep this in mind as you apply.

Previous University of Toronto Students: Students who were previously admitted to the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Arts & Science and completed courses as a degree student and wish to take courses on a Letter of Permission from their current home university must apply as a visiting student through Woodsworth College.  Admission will be based on a valid Letter of Permission and students must be in good academic standing.

Returning students cannot re-take any courses they have already received a credit for at the University of Toronto, even if they have permission to do so from their home university.

Admission will not be considered for returning Visiting Students or previous University of Toronto degree students applying on a Letter of Permission who are on academic probation, suspension or have been refused further registration by the University of Toronto. Any previous University of Toronto outstanding fees or financial holds must be cleared before a returning student will be considered for admission.

If you have questions about your admissibility, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) our office before you submit an application.