Course Calendar & Timetable


FALL/ WINTER 2017-18

The final 2017-2018 Fall/ Winter Timetable is now available! Access the interactive 2017-2018 Fall/ Winter Timetable here. 

Please note that Fall/ Winter Visiting Students are restricted to part-time status and have least priority for course enrolment.

Please contact the Visiting Students Program Office if you have any questions regarding the Fall/Winter 2017-18 session.


  • Enter the name of the department or subject area you are interested in by typing it into the ‘Department(s)’ search field. Then hit ‘Search for Courses’.
  • Once you have obtained a list of search results, you'll see a blue dropdown box labeled ‘Additional course information’ located directly below each course title. Click on it to see a brief course description as well as the list of prerequisites for the course. You will need to contact the academic department directly to discuss your prerequisites to ensure that you aren't removed from your courses. You can view the list of Academic Departments and units here
  • If you see a yellow box below the name of the lecture section that says ‘Enrolment Controls’, it means this lecture is affected by some kind of priority enrolment control. Click to expand the Enrolment Controls box to view more details. 


Visiting Students may enroll only in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science. If you wish to take courses in other faculties such as Applied Science and Engineering, you should contact the division directly. Visiting students cannot take courses offered by the Rotman School of Management or the School of Continuing Studies. Returning Visiting Students cannot repeat courses already taken at the University of Toronto. Applicants should review the Prerequisites and Restrictions section before applying.