Admission & Registration

Once admitted, Visiting Students will be provided with an email admission offer and PDF package with detailed instructions required for course enrolment.

We are unable to guarantee that all Visiting Students will be successful in their course selection. We suggest that you include additional courses on your LOP to allow some flexibility. Once admitted, you will be responsible for enrolling in courses, verifying your prerequisites with the academic department and paying your fees.

Course enrolment is done online through our Student Web Service (ROSI/ACORN).  In most cases, course enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. During the Summer Session, students may enrol into a maximum of 2.0 full credits. During the Fall/Winter Session, students may enrol into a maximum of 3.5 full credits.

Visiting Students can add or cancel courses online by appropriate deadlines on ROSI/ACORN; these dates can be found in the Faculty of Arts & Science Timetable for the appropriate session. Familiarize yourself with the course cancellation procedures and deadlines. You should notify your home institution of any course additions and have them send a revised LOP to the Visiting Student Program Office.

Visiting Students may enrol only in courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science and are restricted from taking courses offered by Rotman Commerce. If you wish to take courses in other faculties such as Applied Science and Engineering, you should contact the division directly.

During the Summer session, Visiting Students are able to register in many courses without difficulty. However, some courses may give enrolment priority to University of Toronto students. Visiting Students will be required to refer to the Faculty of Arts & Science Timetable for the appropriate session for information on enrolment controls and restrictions.

The Visiting Student Program is designed for the Summer Session. There are very limited opportunities for Visiting Students to study in the Fall/Winter session. Visiting Students are restricted to Part-time status and may enrol into a maximum of 3.5 full credits during the fall/winter session.  Visiting Student course enrolment for the Fall/Winter session is in mid-August.

Visiting Students have access to academic advising during their time at the University of Toronto through Woodsworth College.  If you have any questions, please contact Woodsworth College.

Please read through the Visiting Students Enrolment Checklist. 

Portable Documents