Seniors Program

The Seniors Program at Woodsworth College provides an opportunity for individuals, age 65 years of age or older, to take courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science without necessarily meeting the prerequisite requirements for admission to a degree program. 

Students admitted through Woodsworth College to the Seniors Program are admitted as Non-Degree (I.e., not working towards a degree). However, after satisfactory progress in four courses, a Senior student may request admission as a Degree student (working towards a degree).

  • Courses passed In the Faculty of Arts and Science as a non-degree student will be accredited towards the degree. Also, any degree courses completed at other universities will be assessed for possible transfer credit at the University of Toronto.

Although Senior students are considered non-degree students, they are governed by the same rules and regulations as degree students. These include the necessity of submitting essays and assignments and writing examinations as required in each course. Students should familiarize themselves with the calendar of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

To be eligible for admission to the Seniors Program, applicants must be 65 years of age or older by the first day of the month in which they intend to start their studies.

  • Proof of age will be required to support your application. You may provide as proof a copy of your birth certificate, driver's license, or any Senior Citizen privilege card.

** All members of the Seniors Program at Woodsworth College pay full tuition fees. Incidental fees are waived for seniors. Students are eligible for bursary assistance **

Individuals who have previously registered In another College, in the Faculty of Arts and Science, U of T Scarborough and U of T Mississauga, should not apply for the Seniors Program. These students should visit the college or campus at which they had been previously registered.

There is a processing fee of $25.00 that must accompany the application. 

For more information, please contact Curtis Norman.


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