Registration Information

2017-18 Registration Information 

First-Year Seminar courses are offered as full-credit courses or as half-credit courses. Each 199Y1 or 199H1 seminar has a generic designator, which corresponds to the Breadth Category the course fulfils:

  • CCR - Creative and Cultural Representation
  • TBB - Thought, Belief and Behaviour
  • SII - Society and Its Institutions
  • XBC - Cross Breadth Category - Y course seminar that counts as half in each of two breadth categories

First-Year seminar courses are restricted to first year degree students newly admitted to the first year in the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus.  Returing students who have completed fewer than 4.0 FCEs in the Faculty of Arts and Science  and newly admitted  transfer students  (no more than 3.5 transfer credit) are also eligible to enrol in these courses.

Some first-year seminar courses have college membership as an enrolment control. During the priority period, July 27 to August 2 college sections of Innis, New, St. Michael's, Trinity, University, Victoria and Woodsworth give students associated with that college priority. On August 8, starting at 6:00 a.m., first year students from any college may enrol into these college section courses pending availability of space.  You will not be permitted to add the course if you do not satisfy the college membership during the priority period. If you "view timetable/spaces" on ACORN for the First-Year seminars, ACORN will indicate "You do not fit any enrolment control". For these sections, try on August 4.

You may enrol in only ONE 199Y or TWO 199H1 courses. Students are only permitted to enrol in 1 full course equivalent (FCE) from the first-year seminar courses. Students who enrol in more than one 199Y1, two 199H1 or a combination of 199Y1 and 199H1 will be removed from the additional one(s) beyond 1 FCE. You may be removed from the additional first-year seminar course(s) without consultation as to which one(s) will be removed. The removal may occur at any time it is discovered.
If you want to enrol in 199H1 courses with the same section code (e.g. two F or two S sections) from the same designators, ACORN will not permit you to enrol in both. You should contact Ms. Deborah Shaw, 416-978-0359,, immediately after enrolling in one of the 199H1 courses on ACORN, to be enrolled in the second 199H1. The second 199H1 will be added under the course number, 198H1. NOTE: After being enrolled in the 198H1 course, if you want cancel the course, you need to contact Ms. Shaw.