ER Specialist

Completion Requirements

The following requirements apply to students admitted to the Employment Relations specialist in 2017.

Total FCES: 10.0 including a minimum of 4.0 FCEs at the 300+ level (1.0 FCE must have the the IRE course designator and 1.0 FCE must be at the 400-level.) Each course requirement is individual and cannot be used more than once. A course taken on a CR/NCR basis may not be used to satisfy program requirements.

1.0 FCE from ECO100Y1/ECO101H1/ECO102H1/ECO105Y1
1.0 FCE from SOC100H1/SOC150H1/SOC101Y/SOC102/SOC103H1/PSY100H1
All of IRE240H1, IRE244H1, IRE260H1, IRE339H1, IRE430Y1 or (IRE430H1 and IRE431H1)
1.0 FCE from Group A
1.0 FCE from Group B
0.5 FCE from Group C
0.5 FCE from Group D
Additional courses (excluding those already counted) from Groups C and D for a total of 10.0 FCEs.

Note: Students may only use 1.0 FCE independent study and 1.0 FCE research participation toward the Employment Relations program.

Group A: ECO321Y1 (or equivalent)/ HIS263Y1/ POL214Y1
Group B: ECO220Y1/ IRE379H1/ PSY201H1/ PSY202H1/ SOC200H1/ SOC202H1
Group C: IRE444H1/ IRE446H1/ IRE447H1/ IRE472H1
Group D: GGR221H1/ HIS313H1/ INI300H1/ IRE332Y0/ IRE344H1/ IRE345H1/ IRE346H1/ IRE347H1/ IRE348H1/ IRE349H1/ IRE367H1/ IRE378H1/ IRE395H1/ IRE395Y1/ IRE396H1/ IRE397Y1/ IRE432Y0/ IRE493H1/ IRE494H1/ JGI216H1/ MGT201H1/ RSM222H1/ RSM361H1/ RSM392H1/ RSM461H1/ RSM464H1/ SOC207H1/ SOC317Y1/ SOC366H1/ SOC367H1/ SOC439H1


Students who have completed ECO239Y1/ECO339Y1 may request to have the course counted toward the Employment Relations Specialist program. Please email your request to er@utoronto.ca.
Non IRE courses: Some courses offered by other departments may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites or who are enrolled in a program sponsored by the department offering the course. Course enrolment conditions are listed in the Arts and Science timetable. Course descriptions, prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions are listed in the Calendar