Important Notes

A course taken on a CR/NCR basis may not be used to satisfy major or specialist program requirements.  One exception: courses completed in the Winter 2015 session.

Electives (non-WDW courses)
Some electives may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites or who are enrolled in a subject POSt sponsored by the department offering the course. Not all courses are offered every year. For detailed information please check the enrolment controls and timetable on the Arts and Science website. Prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions are published in the Calendar.

WDW Courses
Not all courses are offered every year. Please check the Faculty of Arts and Science’s timetable for the list of courses offered in the current session. Almost all WDW courses have prerequisites. Enrolment in WDW coursesis restricted to students in the program.  We are unable to accommodate non-program students.  Students without course prerequisites will be removed at any time they are discovered.

Program Requirements
Students follow the program requirements for the year in which they were admitted to the program.  The requirements can be found in the e-brochures posted on this site (see link on left-hand side).

Part-time Study
It is possible to complete the major program on a part-time basis but course options are limited.

College Sponsored Programs
Employment Relations is a program sponsored by Woodsworth College and the Faculty of Arts and Science. It is not necessary to be registered at Woodsworth College but it is necessary to be registered at one of the seven colleges on the St. George Campus.

Program Changes
It takes two years to complete the Employment Relations major program. Prerequisites will not be waived.  Students are advised to carefully weigh the impact a program change may have on their studies.  Exemptions or prerequisite waivers in order to ‘fast track’ the program requirements will not be granted.

Program Check
If you are planning to graduate in November 2015 or June 2016, you should check your program status on Degree Explorer and arrange for the Program Coordinator to confirm your status on DEX.    You may send your request, along with your student id number to the Undergraduate Coordinator.  Requests must be emailed using the utor email account.  Confirmations will be mailed to the student via DEX.

Appropriate subject post combinations for your Degree Program & Double Counting Courses
Once you have completed 4.0 full-course equivalents, you will not be able to enrol in further courses until you have enrolled in the minimum appropriate combination of programs. While you are waiting for the results of your limited enrolment subject POSt request (s) - such as Employment Relations, you must enrol in interim backup programs and courses.

Any program combination (2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors) must include at least 12 different courses. Please review the Degree and Program Requirements listed in the Calendar. If you have any questions please contact your college registrar’s office for assistance.