ERSA - Get Involved!

The Employment Relations Students’ Association (ERSA) is an organization of undergraduate Employment Relations students at U of T.  It is an official member of the Arts and Science Students’ Union (ASSU).  Its purpose is to enhance the experience of Employment Relations students beyond the classroom by organizing social and career-related events.

ERSA sponsors events to help students prepare resumes and prepare their interview skills; attends the HRPA Conference as a group; and organizes a very successful networking event, which enables students to meet professionals from various organizations in Toronto.

Office Location:  Woodsworth College, Room 18, in the basement of the New Wing.
No set office hours are in place at the moment, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) us if you wish to contact the association, or contact us via our Facebook page.

2017-2018 Executive Committee 


Co-Presidents: Emily Kazmer & Wendy Shin
Vice-President: Ning Kong
Finance Director: Ahmed Khanani
Events Directors: Tiffany Ma & Alison Villa
External Communication Director: Vince Park
Internal Communication Director: Abbey Kachmar
Secretary: Amara Gabrielle McIntyre 

2015-16  Executive Committee & Contact Information:
Co-President: Gazi Sijan
Co-President: Riyan Bhatia
Vice President: Juliett Louie
Director of Finance: Jehan Vidhani
Director of Events: TBA
Director of Events: Vijay Ramkumar
Director of Communications (external): Emily Kazmer
Director of Communications (internal): Abbey Kachmar
Secretary: Wendy Shin

2014-15  Executive Committee
Co-President:   Veronica Chan
Co-President:  Ryan Rogers
Vice-President:  Daniel Gaspar
Director of Communications:  Isabelle Hon
Director of Events:  Ben Wayne Chui
Director of Events:  Apoorvi Patodia
Director of Finance:  Vanessa Wen
Secretary:  Gazi Sijan

2013-14  Executive Committee
Co-Presidents:  Jelena Misur and Tiffany Leung
Vice-President: Ryan Rogers
Director of Events: Elaine Huang and Joyce Hu
Director of Finance: Tony Oku
Director of Communications: Veronica Chan
Secretary:  Scruti Mukherjee

2012-13  Executive Commite
Co-Presidents: Jelena Misur and Prakriti Makkar
Director of Events: David Zhang and Cherie Chen
Director of Finance: Alex Chang
Director of Communications: Karen Leung

2011-12 Executive Committee
Co-Presidents: Michelle Li (Fall Term) and Fiona Fang (Winter Term)
Vice-President: Sophia Yang
Director of Events: Michelle D'Cruz and Tracy Chan
Director of Communications: Nelson Hu
Director of Finance: Colin Chiu
Secretary: Natalie Kwan

2010-11 Executive Committee
First term (20109):  Lina McDonald 
Second term (20111):  Amy Tang 
Vice President:   Veronica Ha 
Director of Finance:  Austin Joynes 
Events Coordinators:   Michelle D`Cruz" and  Jade Luo 
Director of Communications:   Nan Nelson Hu 
Secretary:  Michelle Li 

2009-10 Executive Committee
Co-Presidents: Amy Tang & Lina McDonald
Vice-President:  Veronica La
Treasurer:  Austin Joynes
Secretary:  Karen Lee
Events Coordinators:  Kinza Saeed & Hannah Choi