Completion Requirements

The following requirements apply to students admitted to the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies specialist in 2017. Each course requirement is individual and cannot be used more than once. A course taken on a CR/NCR basis may not be used to satisfy program requirements.

Total FCEs: 11.0 of which 7.0 FCEs must be CRI courses (including 3.0 FCEs 300+level courses from Group A and 1.0 FCE 400-level from Group B) .

1. 2.0 FCEs from ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC (any combination/level)
2. All of: CRI205H1, CRI210H1, CRI225H1, CRI335H1, CRI340H1 CRI343H1, CRI350H1
3. At least 2.5 FCEs from Group A
4. At least 1.0 FCE from Group B
5. Additional FCEs (excluding those already counted) from Groups A, B or C for a total of 11.0 FCEs
Note: Students may use a maximum of 1.0 Independent Study FCE and 1.0 Research Participation FCE towards their Criminology & Sociolegal Studies program.

Group A: CRI300H1/ CRI364H1/ CRI365H1/ CRI370H1/ CRI380H1/ CRI383H1/ CRI385H1/ CRI390H1/ CRI391H1/ CRI392H1/ CRI393H1/ CRI394H1/ CRI395H1/ CRI395Y1/ CRI396H1/ CRI397Y1/ CRI450H1

Group B: CRI415H1/ CRI420H1/ CRI422H1/ CRI425H1/ CRI427H1/ CRI428H1/ CRI429H1/ CRI431H1/ CRI435H1/ CRI445H1/ CRI480H1/ CRI487H1/ CRI490H1/ CRI491H1/ CRI498H1

Group C: ANT444Y1/ HIS411H1/ PHL271H1/ PHL370H1/ POL242Y1/ PSY201H1/ PSY202H1/ PSY220H1/ PSY240H1/ PSY328H1/ SOC205H1 /SOC212H1/ SOC306Y1/ SOC313H1/ SOC315H1/ SOC413H1/ TRN412H1/ CRI215H1/ CRI389Y0

Note about non CRI courses:

Some courses may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites and/or are enrolled in a program sponsored by the department offering the course. Course enrolment conditions are listed in the Arts and Science timetable. Course descriptions, prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions are listed in the Calendar.
Students who have completed criminology/sociolegal type courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science that are not included in Group C may email the Program Coordinator to find out if the courses can be used to complete Group C program requirements.

The following special courses will be accepted in the Group C category provided they were taken during the specified session and they have not been assigned a CR/NCR status.  You must request that these courses be added to your degree explorer program account.

20139:  SOC397H1F Top: Top: Sociol Research ( International Criminal Justice: Soc & Legal Aspects) - Professor Ron Levi
20131:  SOC396H1S Top: Sociol Research  (Sociology of  Law)  - Professor Ron Levi
20121, 20135:  USA310H1S (Approaches to American Studies: Illegal Drugs and American Society

Credit/No Credit Option: If you have any questions or need some advice about CR/NCR, contact your college registrar’s office.  Do NOT CR/NCR a course that must be used to fulfill program requirments. CR courses WILL NOT count towards the Criminology Specialist program. Exceptioins will NOT be granted. This may result in having to change your Criminology program to a major.    Information about CR/NCR can be found on the Arts and Science website.