The Criminology & Sociolegal Studies Students’ Association (CRIMSA) is an organization of undergraduate Criminology & Sociolegal Studies students at the University of Toronto. It is an official member of the Arts and Science Students’ Union (ASSU). Its purpose is to extend the learning experience for program students beyond the classroom by broadening the students’ participation in the life of the Criminology & Sociolegal Studies program and at the University of Toronto.

CRIMSA organizes career seminars, special lectures, interesting excursions and tours, as well as exciting social events that are designed to help foster new friendships among fellow program students.

In exchange for your contribution, you will find opportunities to meet interesting new people in the field of Criminology & Sociolegal Studies and you will establish networks that will be useful in your future careers.  In addition, some fo the positions on CRIMSA may be recognized on the CoCurricular Record (2016-17 academic year).  Click CCR to find out more about this program.

Contact Information:

Office:  Woodsworth College: Room 18, in the basement of the New Wing
Office Hours:   No set office hours are in place at this time, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  if you wish to contact the association.|
Phone: 416-946-0414


2016-2017 Executive Committee

President: Aadil Nathani
Hey Crim Students! I am heading into my fourth and final year here at UofT (knock on wood). My other major is Ethics, Society & Law, but of course, Criminology is way better! I am your CRIMSA President for this year and along with my wonderful team, we are trying to make the association more involved and engaged. We look forward to working with you, seeing you at our events, and are open to all suggestions! Shoot us an e-mail at, or drop by our office at WW18 (Basement). Come by, sit with us and talk to us, whether it be CRIMSA related concerns or not. We would love to get to know the students better so we can serve your needs. Best of luck with the 2016-17 school year!

Vice President: Jessica Jeansipen 
Hi everyone! I am in my second year, also majoring in Political Science. I am very excited to be part of CRIMSA and looking forward to serving you! This year, CRIMSA is working hard to provide opportunities for students to pursue their personal, and academic goals. We hope to see you in our events and feel free to email any of us for any ideas/suggestions you may have. To reach me, please email me at   Have an amazing school year!





Academic CoDirector: Priyanka Sharma
Hey Crim folks! I'm in my third year, also studying English and Psychology. I will be your Co-Academic Director this year and aspire to help you make the most of your program. I am super personable and easy to approach, so don't hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns at!






Academic CoDirector: Sandleen Azam
Hey fellow Crim students!  I am excited to be one of the Academic Directors on CRIMSA for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am going into my fourth (and hopefully final) year of pursing a double major in Criminology and Sociology. The Academic Directors are looking forward to providing Crim students with opportunities to meet one another as well as faculty members, professors, and TAs. In addition, we hope to host events that will give students insight on criminology courses, future career paths and the application of criminology in everyday life and the media. I am excited to meet many of you at our upcoming events throughout the year! If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us at




Secretary: Shully Sappire  
I'm in my third year at UOFT. I'm a Criminology major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies & Creative Expression and Society. I hope to help CRIMSA with all the amazing events we have lined up for criminology students this school year. Say hi if you see me around!






Social Director: Ravita Surajbali
Hello fellow crim colleagues, I am one of your co social directors for the 2016-2017 school year. I’m entering my fourth and final year of undergrad and am working towards a double major in Criminology and Sociology. The greatest goal I have while undertaking this position is to create more opportunities for crim students to kindle social connections and friendships. I recognize from firsthand experience, how daunting being immersed in a sea of students can be. It’s often difficult to balance academics while building social connections on campus however, striking this balance is something CRIMSA would like to encourage this year. CRIMSA can aid in filling the social void among crim students which can truly make for a more productive and enriching undergraduate experience. My co social director, Felisha Jagiah, and I, are especially excited to work towards this goal. Lastly, I would like to encourage all crim students to reach out to us—CRIMSA is here to represent your voice and heighten both your academic and social experiences. Together, let’s make the 2016-2017 school year an unforgettably wonderful one for all criminology students.

Social Director: Felisha Jagiah 
Hello fellow criminology students!  I am one of two CRIMSA social directors for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am in my fifth and final year of undergraduate studies, majoring in both criminology and political science, and minoring in sociology. This year, both my co-social director and I hope to host social events that are exciting, inclusive, and beneficial to criminology students. I intend to dedicate my time, energy and creativity towards constructing social events that will engender a sense of community among criminology students. As a fellow criminology student, I am very aware of how difficult it can be to balance a social life and academics. With respect to this year’s social events, I am working with the CRIMSA executive team to ensure that social events are student-friendly (i.e. affordable, complimenting seasons of academic demand, etc.). My goal is to create an environment in which criminology students can develop friendships that, once built upon, can alleviate some of the stress that accompanies academic life. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding CRIMSA social events, criminology/political science/sociology, or if you just want to talk, feel free to send me an email at or drop by the CRIMSA office. 

Treasurer: Olivia Kang
I am a fourth-year student, majoring in both Criminology/Sociolegal Studies as well as Sociology. During my time with CRIMSA, I hope to contribute and implement new and exciting ideas that will help expand networks by forming stronger relationships between students and faculty members within the criminology community. As a result of my experience working for both the Crown Attorney and Elizabeth Fry Toronto, I wish to pursue a Crown or Defence Counsel position within Canadian criminal law.



Communications Director: Joana Jabson
Hi everyone! My name is Joana Jabson, a fourth year student majoring in Criminology and minoring in Political Science and Sociology. One of my many goals for CRIMSA is to increase student presence on all social media platforms and revive our Instagram and Twitter account. I believe communication is a big part of CRIMSA and thus, I hope to rebrand the marketing and outreach of the organization and start a new account for Instagram and Twitter. My goal is to not only get students to be well informed about our social and academic events but also get students to be comfortable with interacting with each other. An interesting fact about me is that I love adventures, exploring, and learning new things. I am also an adrenaline junkie. I look forward in being a part of CRIMSA 2016-2017!


Junior Representative: 
George Moshenski-Dubov
Hi Everyone! I am a second year student studying Criminology and Sociology. When I’m not studying you can find me at RogersCentre watching the Blue Jays play. I am also on the social committee at Woodsworth College, as well as the social exec at Woodsworth’s inclusivity club. This is why I look forward to working with CRIMSA in creating fun events for all of you, and simultaneously letting CRIMSA know about all of your amazing ideas. Looks like it’ll be a great year!








2015-2016 Executive Committee
President: Hisham Imtiaz 
Vice President: Andrea Fernandez 
Academic Director: Sona Noorzai  
Academic Director: Ashley Andaya 
Secretary: Pravina Rajadurai  
Social Director: Camilla Morais 
Social Director: Sahr Malalla 
Financial Director: Candice Kang    
Communications Director: Ajith Ravichandran

2014-15 Executive Committee
Co-President:  Alex Evangelista
Co-President:  Marta Porodko
Vice-President:  Kathleen Reloza
Treasurer:  George Lin
Assistant Treasurer:  Andrea Fernandez
Social Director:  Deborah Nimoh
Assistant Social Director:  Sona Noorzai
Academic Director:  Camille Tancioco
Assistant Academic Director:  Tiaa McCalla
Secretary:  Iman Fouad-Farah
Assistant Secretary:  Dinosha Rabichandra
Communications Director:  Stephanie Rodrigues
Assistant Communications Director:  Hisham Imtiaz

2013-14 Executive Committee
Co-President:  Rajesh Sankat   
Co-President:  Ashley Sewrattan  
Vice President:  Grace Tran  
Social Director:  Alex Evangelista  
Assistant Social Director:  Marta Porodko
Academic Director:  Camille Tancioco
Assistant Academic Director:  Amal Ahmed
Communications Director:  Nava Myle
Assistant Communications Director:  Kathleen Reloza
Secretary:  Iman Fouad
Assistant Secretary:  Lindsay Hearn
Treasurer:  Vivian Lee
Assistant Treasurer:  Veronica Stewart

2012-13 Executive Committee
President: Grace Zhang
Vice-President: Grace Tran
Treasurer: Samarah Kamaluddin
Assistant Treasurer: Barbara Waginski
Secretary: Ashley Sewrattan
Assistant Secretary: Rajesh Sankat
Social: Zara Samiuddin
Assistant Social: Zainab Jamal
Academic Director: Marcus Pickett
Assistant Academic: Sejoti Sarker
Communications: Navalucksan Mylvaganam
Assistant Communications: Greta Onieogou
Administrative Assistant: Gloria D'Alessandro

2011-12 Executive Committee
Virginia Lomax  (President)
Alexandra Peng  (Vice-President)
Wendy Feng (Academic Director)
Naseem Khan (Assistant Academic Director)
Julietta Mikaelyan (Social Director)
Megan O'Neill (Assistant Social Director)
Haejun (Jimmy) Rim (Communications Director)
Kevin Lunianga  (Assistant Communications Director)
Gina Shin (Secretary)
David Kwasniewski (Assistant Secretary)
Grace Zhang (Treasurer)
Samarah Kamaluddin (Assistant Treasurer)
Sejoti Sarker (Administrative Assistant)

2010-2011 Executive Committee
President:   Thaxsheni Sivarajah 
Vice-President:  Andrew Ross
Director of Communications:  Rebecca Harvey 
Assistant Director of Communications:  Ryan Kusuhara
Director of Academic Events:  Andrew Jin 
Assistant Director of Academic Events: Alexandra Peng
Director of Social Events:   Megan O`Neill 
Assistant Director of Social Events:  Wendy Feng