Program Requirements - Prospective Students

The courses offered in this program are from the Faculty of Arts and Science and may be available during the day or evening in the Summer and the Fall/Winter Sessions. Not all courses may be offered every session. Please consult the timetable for further information.

CHRM is a part-time program and the majority of students will finish the program over two academic years. The part-time restriction refers only to course load.    Some courses are available in the day-time only.   Students who have been granted transfer credits and/ or students who are able to enroll in a conflict free course schedule may be able to enrol in a fulltime course load and complete the program is less than two academic years.  Students are advised to check course prerequisites and the timetable to determine if this is possible.  Students wishing to get a head start in CHRM should complete some introductory courses during the summer session (such as IRE244 or 260).    Prerequisites are strictly enforced. No exceptions are made.

A Certificate in Human Resource Management will be awarded upon successful completion of five (5.0) full course equivalents with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 1.85.

Students are not permitted to take courses at UTM or UTSC.

Students may complete a maximum of 5.0 full course equivalents from group A OR 4.0 full course equivalents from Group A and no more than one (1.0) full course equivalent from Group B.

The suffix "Y" on a course code = full-course, for which one credit is given.  The suffix "H" = half-course, for which one half-credit is given.

Note:  Effective 20185 MGT201H1, RSM222H1, RSM361H1 courses will no longer count towards the CHRM Program requirements unless the student has previously completed them. 

Group A
Course Weight Course Code Course TItle Prerequisites Exclusions
0.5 IRE240H1              Intro to Employment                   Relations none WDW240H1
0.5 IRE244H1 Labour Relations  none ECO244Y, WDW244H1
0.5 IRE242H1 HRM for Industrial Relations and HR Professionals   RSM361H1
0.5 IRE260H1 Organizational Behaviour  none RSM260H1, WDW260H1
0.5 IRE339H1 Labour Mkts & Public Policy ECO100Y or 105Y ECO239Y/339Y, ECO261H15, WDW339H1
0.5 IRE342H1 Finance and Accounting for HR/IR Professionals 1.0 FCE from IRE240H1/IRE242H1/IRE244H1/IRE260H1 MGT201H1 and RSM222H1
0.5 IRE346H1 Human Resource Planning & Strategy IRE240H1 or IRE244H1 or IRE260H1 WDW346H1
0.5 IRE347H1 Training and Development  IRE/WDW260H1 WDW347H1
0.5 IRE348H1 Recruitment & Selection IRE240H1 or IRE244H1 or IRE260H1 WDW348H1
0.5 IRE367H1 Compensation IRE/WDW260H1 WDW367H1
0.5 IRE378H1 Employment Health IRE/WDW244H1 or IRE/WDW260H1 WDW378H1
0.5 IRE379H1 Research & HR Analytics IRE240H1 or IRE244H1 or IRE260H1 WDW379H1
0.5 IRE430H1 Cdn Employ Law & NonUnion Wkplace   IRE244H1 or WDW244H1 and 0.5 300-level IRE course IRE430Y1, WDW430Y1
0.5 IRE431H1 Cdn Employ Law & Unionized Wkplace   IRE430H1 IRE430Y1, WDW430Y1
0.5 IRE446H1 Working as an Internal Org Consultant  IRE244H1, IRE260H1 and 2 300 level IRE courses
This course cannot be requested on ACORN.  Detailed instructions will be posted by mid-June.
0.5 IRE447H1 ER & Contemporary Challenges IRE244H1, IRE260H1 and 0.5 300 level IRE course. WDW447H1
0.5 IRE472H1 Negotiations IRE244H1, IRE260H1 and 0.5 300 level IRE course. WDW372H1
Group B (a maximum of 1.0 full course equivalent allowed)
Course Weight Course Code Course TItle Prerequisites Exclusions
1.0 ECO100Y1 Introduction to Economics   ECO105Y
1.0 ECO105Y1  Principles of Economics    ECO100Y
1.0 SOC101Y1 Introduction to Sociology none SOC102H1 + SOC103H1
0.5 SOC102H1 Social Inequalities   SOC101Y
0.5 SOC103H1 Social Institutions and Processes  SOC102H1 SOC101Y
0.5 SOC207H1 Soc of Work & Occupations

SOC101Y1 or
SOC102H1 or SOC103H1

0.5 STA220H1 The Practice of Statistics I Grade 12 Math and one University course in the physical, social, or life sciences ECO220Y1/ECO227Y1/GGR270H1/PSY201H1/ SOC300Y1/STA250H1/STA261H1/STA248H1/EEB225H1
0.5 STA221H1 The Practice of Statistics II  STA220H1/PSY201H1/GGR270H1/EEB225H1 ECO220Y1/ECO227Y1/GGR270Y1 /PSY202H1/SOC300Y1/STA261H1/STA248H1

Exclusions:  Students may not enrol in a course if that course lists as an exclusion a course they are currently taking or  a course they have already passed.   Students will be required to withdraw from the course if discovered during the session of enrolment and will be refused credit in the excluded course if discovered at any time in a subsequent session.

Prerequisite:  A course (or other qualification) required as preparation for entry to another course.