The certificate in Human Resource Management is designed for students who have completed undergraduate degrees in subjects other than human resource management or related programs such as Employment/Industrial Relations who now wish to study courses in this field to meet professional needs, prepare for advanced studies or simply to broaden their academic experience. The level of instruction is undergraduate.

CHRM is a part-time program and the majority of students will finish the program over two academic years.  Students who have been granted transfer credits and/ or students who are able to enroll in a conflict free course schedule may be able to enrol in a fulltime course load and/or complete the program in less than two academic years.  Students are advised to check course prerequisites and the timetable to determine if this is possible.  Students wishing to get a head start in CHRM should apply for admission to the Summer session and complete some introductory courses during the summer session.    Prerequisites are strictly enforced. No exceptions are made.