Adding/Cancelling Courses:  2018 Summer

Course Enrolment Start Dates
IRE and Group B courses:  March 1 (start time 8:30 am)
Rotman Commerce Courses:  As of the start of the 2018 Summer Session, courses offered by Rotman Commerce are no longer offered in CHRM.  See CHRM Program requirements for details.

Start and End of Classes; Final Examination period
Section Code Classes Start Classes End Final Examination Period
F May 7 June 15 June 20 to 26
S July 3 August 14 August 16 to 22


Adding and Cancelling Courses
Section Code Deadline to enrol/change meeting section Deadline to cancel without academic penalty
F TBA June 5
S July 9 July 30

Important:  The last date to cancel a course or cancel your registration in a session with no academic penalty DOES NOT coincide with the last date to be eligible for a refund.  
The refund schedule is posted on the Student Accountsweb site.

It is important to officially cancel a course as soon as you have decided you do not want to continue in it, for both academic and financial reasons. Courses that are not cancelled by the deadlines will remain on your academic record and may count as failures. Tuition fees in the Summer session are calculated on a per-course basis and fee refunds for cancelled courses are determined based on a schedule set out by the Office of Student Accounts. A cancellation of your registration in the summer session on or after May 7, which is the first day of the summer session, is subject to a minimum charge. Refer to the Student Accounts web site for the refund schedule for F, Y, and S section code courses.   

Registration Deadline
Registration will occur automatically if you pay at least the minimum first installment of your fees (or officially defer them) by April 30. If you don't pay or officially defer your fees by April 30, you will be removed from your courses at any time. The University will allow a processing time of 10 days for bank payments to be received by the University before removing you from courses. Note that reinstatement in courses is not guaranteed as spaces may be filled. If you wish to register after you have been removed, you will be charged a late registration fee.

If you do not enroll in courses by the April 30 deadline your registration status for the session is automatically changed to "Financially Cancelled", as the Faculty presumes you do not plan to take courses this Summer. This status does not affect your eligibility to return in the Fall/Winter. If your status is "Financially Cancelled" and you wish to take courses, contact your College Registrar's Office for instructions.

For more information about paying or deferring your fees, please see Payment Instructions.

How to enroll on ACORN
On the enrolment start date, log on to ACORN at your start time and enroll in courses.

Select "Enrol & Manage" in the side menu and then select the "Courses" button. Make sure you are in the right session tab (2018 Summer). Use the Search box to find the course you wish to add and follow the instructions to enrol.

Search Tip: Verify that you are selecting the right course from the search list. Note that courses from all UofT divisions/campuses may show up if you do a keyword search. Arts & Science courses are always in this format: 3 letters, 3 numbers, H or Y, last digit = 1 e.g. IRE260H1

If you previously put courses in your Enrolment Cart, officially add the course by clicking the "Enrol" button in the top right corner of the course box. A confirmation box will pop up; press "Enrol" again. A notice will appear in the top right corner of the page to indicate whether your enrolment is successful. 

Note that courses are added and deleted on ACORN in real time, meaning you'll know immediately whether your course transactions are successful.

After you've enrolled in all your courses, check the "My Courses > Currently Enrolled" section to review your selections before logging out of ACORN.

For more information on Course Enrolment on ACORN:

Never used ACORN before? See the Instructions for Using ACORN for login information.