Academic Integrity & Policies

“The University and its members have a responsibility to ensure that a climate which might encourage, or conditions which might enable, cheating, misrepresentation or unfairness not be tolerated. To this end, all must acknowledge that seeking credit or other advantages by fraud or misrepresentation, or seeking to disadvantage others by disruptive behaviour is unacceptable, as is any dishonesty or unfairness in dealing with the work or record of a student.”

The University has several policies that are approved by the Governing Council and which apply to all students. Each student must become familiar with the policies. The University will assume that he or she has done so. The rules and regulations of the Faculty & CHRM division are listed in thecalendar. CHRM students taking courses in the Faculty, assume certain responsibilities to the University and the Faculty and, if admitted and registered, shall be subject to all rules, regulations and policies cited in the calendar, as amended from time to time.

All University policies can be found at on the Governing Council web site. 

Of particular importance are the following policies:
-Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
-Code of Student Conduct
-Grading Practices Policy
-Policy on Official Correspondence with Students

For more information see:  Rights + Responsibilities