Program Overview

The Academic Bridging Program offers an opportunity for individuals who do not meet the typical admission requirements to qualify for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto. The Program provides a pathway from a student’s previous education and helps students prepare to meet the requirements of first year university courses in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students in the program are introduced to the academic expectations of a university instructor and the workload of first year courses. Financial assistance is available to eligible students to meet some or all of the costs of the program. The Academic Bridging Program provides a welcoming, supportive, and diverse environment where students are encouraged to develop their study skills and academic confidence. Woodsworth College is a unique part of the University of Toronto, offering student-centred support and services to provide students with a welcoming atmosphere.

Program Learning Objectives

Develop Academic Skills:

  • students learn clear, mature, and reflective spoken and written communication
  • students learn critical analytical reading, thinking, and writing
  • students learn basic information literacy and good academic work habits and study skills

Understand University Culture:

  • students Learn appropriate classroom protocol
  • students learn to use classroom technology
  • students learn to access university resources

Enhance Life Skills:

  • students learn to assess their personal and academic strengths and weaknesses, and readiness for university
  • students learn to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning in and out of the classroom
  • students learn to think and act independently and responsibly