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Posted September 26, 2017      10:43 am

Introducing a new Member of the Woodsworth Community

Introducing a new Member of the Woodsworth Community

Meet our new addition Kate Korycki

Woodsworth College is proud to announce that Kate Korycki will be taking over two out the three Woodsworth One classes this fall. Dr. Korycki recently completed her doctorate in Political Science with a dissertation on Memory in Politics. She focused on the complex relationship between collective memory and politics within Poland. Dr. Korycki’s interests lie in “identity politics, memory politics, politics of belonging and citizenship, narrativity and discourse analysis, ethnographic method, Europe and Eastern Europe [and] post-transition societies.”


Dr. Korycki has been a part of the Woodsworth One family as a Teaching Assistant for the past four years.  Prior to that Dr. Korycki taught at the Trudeau Centre of Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies. She has also been a Teaching Assistant for more than eight Political Science courses. She has extensive teaching experience receiving the TATP Teaching in Higher Education Certificate and acting for two years as the Lead Writing Teaching Assistant in the Department of Political Science.


She will continue to be an invaluable asset to the Woodsworth One Order & Disorder Stream.

Posted April 26, 2018

Alumni Association of Woodsworth College Drafts New By-Laws

A summary of the by-laws and bios for the AAWC nominations

Posted April 12, 2018

Digital Humanities at Woodsworth College

A new minor has arrived!

Posted April 02, 2018

Spotlight: Less Reading, More Learning

Two Woodsworth Students took their courses abroad this Reading Week