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Saul Goldstein Memorial Lecture Recap

Posted on October 31, 2017  |  Filed under:

Audrey Macklin lectured on Making and Remaking Canadians through Private Refugee Sponsorship

Woodsworth College was very pleased that Professor Audrey Macklin was this year’s Saul Goldstein Memorial Lecturer. Prof. Macklin’s lecture topic was Making and Remaking Canadians through Private Refugee Sponsorship.

Audrey Macklin, a Professor of Law and the Chair in Human Rights at the University of Toronto, is currently serving as the Director at the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies. Her research has focused on transnational migration, citizenship, forced migration, feminist and cultural analysis, and human rights.

In more recent years, Macklin’s areas of interest brought her directly in contact with the highly publicized Omar Khadr case. Ten years ago she hosted Khadr’s US Defense team at the Faculty of Law for a discussion of the case and its implications. This was the catalyst for the launch of a Canadian campaign to raise awareness and to advocate for his return to Canada. Macklin continues to raise awareness and discuss the Omar Khadr case in the public sphere. She champions for his compensation in light of the injustice he received.

Her October 19th Goldstein lecture focused on the notion of private refugee sponsorship and its overall effects on the sponsoring individuals and groups and on the refugees themselves. She explored the reasons why people choose to become private sponsors and what this model means to Canadian society overall.

Prof. Macklin  recently received a Trudeau Fellowship for her ongoing research on this issue.  The Trudeau Fellowship will help Macklin gain more insight into this unique Canadian phenomenon and her project will create resources for other countries or groups looking to do the same.

Also be sure to check out the video below, where Macklin explains in her own words the aim for her Trudeau Fellowship project.

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