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Diploma to Degree Program - Profile of Student Rochelle McGee

Posted on February 21, 2017  |  Filed under:

“Why not go for it?”

This is what Rochelle McGee asked herself back in 2015 while pursuing the two-year General Arts & Science Diploma at George Brown College. Rochelle had always wanted to pursue medicine, and when she learned about the Diploma to Degree program – a college/ university transfer program offered through Woodsworth College – she decided to take the next step towards meeting her goal.

The Diploma to Degree program is a pathway designed for students who are pursuing a two-year Liberal Arts diploma at one of three Toronto colleges: George Brown, Seneca and Humber. Students who meet a specified GPA cutoff are eligible to enrol in one course within the Faculty of Arts & Science at U of T – known as the ‘Qualifying Course.’ If they achieve a grade of 60% or higher in their Qualifying Course, students are then eligible to transfer into degree studies at U of T to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the Humanities or Social Sciences. Transfer credit received from some of their college courses enables them to enter U of T as a second-year student.

Rochelle transferred into degree studies at U of T in September of 2016 and she is currently pursuing a major in Biology and a double minor in Spanish and Bioethics. She plans to go into nursing, but she chose a variety of programs as a way of keeping her options open. She admits that she is at her best during times of high stress and for this reason she would like to focus on emergency medicine. She also has a strong interest in becoming a surgeon and sees this as a potential long-term goal. Her advice to students interested in pursuing medicine is to get a strong foundation in math since many courses in this area will have math as a prerequisite. Rochelle enjoys helping others and intends to become a mentor at Woodsworth after benefiting from the college’s mentorship program this year as a mentee.

Rochelle appreciated the one-on-one advising she received from the Diploma to Degree office at Woodsworth College while she was completing her diploma studies at George Brown. She continues to benefit from student services and supports at Woodsworth such as personalized academic and financial advising, learning strategists and the academic writing centre. Transitioning from an intimate class size of 30 at George Brown College to a 300-seat lecture hall at U of T was somewhat overwhelming, but the support Rochelle received at Woodsworth helped her to adapt to university life. Although she initially felt overwhelmed by the number of programs and courses available to her, the advisors at Woodsworth helped Rochelle to make choices that suited her strengths and interests.

To learn more about the program, visit the Diploma to Degree website. 

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