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Diploma to Degree Program- Rochelle McGee

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An account of one of our diploma to degree student's experience in the program and here at the university.

Rochelle McGee is currently in her second year in the Diploma to Degree program pursuing a major in Biology, and two minors in Spanish and Bioethics. Her major and minors is her way of keeping things open. The program is based in Woodsworth College, which is why this college automatically becomes her college. She initially took part in this program to bump up her marks and then go into nursing. She finds the program is well-rounded and it has opened her horizons. Rochelle has always wanted to do medicine, and after joining this program she thought to herself, why not go for it. Thanks to the smaller class size and transfer credits, she could acquire the marks she wanted. How Diploma to Degree works is the first two years are at the George Brown College and then you transfer over to University of Toronto to pursue your Bachelor’s degree. What she likes about the program is that there was always a connection with someone at the university while she was finishing the college component of the program at George Brown. During the first two years, the university put in the effort to acclimate the students into university and familiarize the routine here. Rochelle states that the university was setting the students up for success and once you entered the university, there was a lot of support. Some examples of supports are mentorship programs, funding and guidance from faculty members.

Before George Brown and University of Toronto, Rochelle initially went to University of Windsor for psychology. She finds that the university culture has changed since her time in Windsor. She finds the university system has become much more flexible. There is more variety in programs and courses that you can take, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Both institutions help you get used to making your own schedule and be accountable for your use of time. The main difference she sees between college and university life is the setting. The setting in college is smaller, which makes it more intimate. Going from a 30-person class size to 300 -person can be overwhelming. Her aim was to take 5 courses but due to other factors, she brought down the course load down to 4 so she can focus better and balance her personal and professional life. She would rather reduce the course load so she can get some better marks in the courses and pick up the other courses in another semester. When discussing her medicine plans, at the moment she wants to focus on emergency medicine. She performs best when she is in high tense situations and finds that will compliment her in emergency medicine. Surgery is another option laid out on the table but that is another 10 years of education, which is why she is still thinking about it.  She is also contemplating going into emergency medicine first because she finds it will better prepare her for the surgery field. Her advice for students is that those who are interested in pursuing science and maybe later medicine, to get a strong foundation in math because a lot of courses require it. At the moment, she is in the mentorship program as a mentee and later on she plans on eventually transitioning into a mentor role.

If you want to learn more about the Degree to Diploma program check out this link:  

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