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Alumni Association of Woodsworth College Drafts New By-Laws

Posted on April 26, 2018  |  Filed under:

A summary of the by-laws and bios for the AAWC nominations

This year, Woodsworth alumni will be asked to vote on a significant update to the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College’s governing documents, the first such change in ten years. The AAWC Board has drafted a new set of by-laws which will consolidate and improve upon our current by-laws and constitution. The goal of this governance renewal is to improve the AAWC’s organizational structure and better serve our diverse and growing membership.

Below you will find a summary of the most important changes:

  • The WCAA: in order to better highlight our unique identity among the University’s colleges, the proposed By-Laws will change the name of our association from the Alumni Association of Woodsworth College to the Woodsworth College Alumni Association, placing our distinctive “W” at the forefront of our outreach.
  • Floating Board Size: where our current documents provide for a fixed Board size of fifteen directors, the proposed By-Laws will afford the Board the flexibility to have between ten and twenty directors, allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of our alumni from year to year.
  • Term Limits: in order to encourage board refreshment, improve recruiting and succession planning activities, and promote diversity of all kinds, the proposed By-Laws will provide for a six-year term limit for WCAA directors.
  • Working for You, Year Round: where our previous documents required that the Board’s committees terminate following each AGM, the proposed By-Laws will permit Board committees to function through the summer, allowing us to plan programming year-round.
  • Committee Flexibility: the new proposed By-Laws will allow the Board to establish new standing committees to better undertake its work of encouraging alumni involvement in the College and the University community.
  • Document Consolidation: our previous governing documents – the constitution and the by-laws – have been combined into a single omnibus document while preserving the significance of provisions previously contained within the constitution. We believe this consolidation will improve the orientation process for new directors and make it easier for members of our alumni association to understand the governing structure of the Board and the association as a whole.
  • Inter-University Harmonization: the new by-laws have been drafted with consideration to the University of Toronto Alumni Association's (UTAA’s) recently adopted by-laws. This will provide for more cohesive inter-organizational governance while continuing to reflect the unique aspects of our college.
  • Ongoing Governance Design: in tandem with the By-Laws proposed at this AGM, the Board will implement additional governance documents, including terms of reference for committee chairs and other policies to improve the Board’s effectiveness (for example, an attendance policy to ensure each director meets the measure of trust placed in the Board by Woodsworth alumni).

Some of the things that will not change include:

  • The fundamental objects of our alumni association;
  • The rights of members of our alumni association;
  • The nominations process for AAWC Board directors; and
  • The requirement for a supermajority vote to alter the most significant aspects of our governance structure, including members’ rights.

You can find a copy of the newly drafted By-Laws here.

You can read the AAWC Nomination Bios here.

Posted April 26, 2018

Alumni Association of Woodsworth College Drafts New By-Laws

A summary of the by-laws and bios for the AAWC nominations

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