Scholarships and Awards

Woodsworth College distributes over $135,000 in scholarship awards each year. The majority are in-course scholarships, awarded to students who have achieved academic excellence. Woodsworth College is grateful to the Students Association, the Alumni Association, and the many private and corporate donors whose active support adds so much to the quality of student life at the College.

Woodsworth also has a limited number of admissions scholarships, including the William Waters Commerce Awards made available each year to our most promising new students.

Upon graduating from the University of Toronto and Woodsworth College there are also graduation scholarships available. These recognize academic excellence.

Woodworth College also recognizes academic excellence in the form of scholarships for graduates of the Millie Rotman Shime Academic Bridging program. Graduates of the program who continue degree studies through Woodsworth College are eligible for these awards.

Woodsworth sponsors scholarships and awards for those studying abroad through the Summer Abroad Programs.