Alexandra Bolintineanu

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream Alexandra

Alexandra Bolintineanu is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in Medieval Digital Studies, at the University of Toronto.  She is cross-appointed to the Centre for Medieval Studies and Woodsworth College.  Her current project, Technologies of Unknowing, is a study of medieval wonders in digital environments.  She holds a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies and a B.Sc. in Computer Science (University of Toronto).  Her research interests include digital humanities, Old and Middle English narrative, marvels, monsters, and imaginary geographies.

2017-2018 Courses
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WDW235H1F, WDW236H1S: Digital Humanities 
Digital humanists analyze languages through digital text collections; build digital archives of forbidden books; construct video games to study literature; or resurrect historical cities through digital maps.

In our Digital Humanities courses, students learn about the intellectual landscape of digital humanities scholarship.  They also learn a basic Digital Humanities skillset:  how to build digital stories, exhibits, and maps; how to digitize rare books; how to analyze collections of data; how to construct digital models and 3D-print them.  And students gain a critical perspective on digital technologies, learning to consider their social, cultural, and environmental impacts.  

MST201H1F, MST202H1S:   Getting Medieval: The Many Middle Ages
Introduction to the sound, sight, and touch of the distant past, telling the story of the Middle Ages through objects from animal skin parchment to enameled icon. A series of faculty lectures is complemented by hands-on learning in weekly tutorials, along with medieval drama and music performance.