Diploma to Degree

Transferring to Degree Studies

If you complete your two-year diploma with a minimum 3.0 GPA, receive your college recommendation and obtain a 60% final grade in your qualifying course, you will be eligible to transfer into Degree Studies at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Arts & Science. 

A maximum of 6.0 transfer credits will be awarded to students who transfer to the Faculty of Arts & Science from their two-year diploma.  You can view the possible transfer credits by college on our Transfer Credits page. 

If you are planning to transfer for the upcoming fall/winter session, you should contact the Program Advisor to set up an appointment to discuss the transfer process in more detail.

Tips for Entering into Degree Studies:

  • You should have at least three programs you are considering
  • You can view a listing of programs within the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Newly Admitted Student website
  • You should start creating a timetable for your Fall/ Winter studies
  • Plan to meet with the Program Advisor in May or June to discuss your programs for fall
  • Course enrolment for Fall AND Winter sessions takes place at the same time during the summer, so it is important to think about your courses and course load for the whole year
  • Course enrolment for degree studies in the fall usually takes place in July, so you must contact our office well before that time if you wish to transfer.
  • Choose 100-level courses carefully. Be aware that 100-level courses beyond 6.0 FCE do not count towards your degree or factor into your GPA.  The Programs that you are interested in may require specific 100-level courses-you should discuss this with the Program Advisor