Diploma to Degree


Breadth Requirement: One of the degree requirements is completing your Breadth Requirement. Most students admitted through the Diploma to Degree program will have met the Breadth Requirement based on courses completed through the 2 year diploma.  The Program Advisor will assess your individual situation at the time of transfer and advise you accordingly.

College Recommendation: This is the official recommendation from your college advisor that confirms you have met the 3.0 GPA requirement needed to take your qualifying course.

Conditional Admission:  The status given to students who apply to take a qualifying course pending their College Recommendation.  Conditional Admission allows students to enroll into courses until the official transcript and college recommendation is received by our office.

Offer of Conditional Admission: The Offer of Conditional Admission is issued once we have processed your application.  The Offer will provide you with your student number and other important information about course enrolment and paying fees.

Exclusion: Students may not enrol in a course if that course lists as exclusion a course they are currently taking or a course they have already passed

FCE - Full-Course Equivalent - A half (H) course is worth 0.5 FCE.  A full (Y) course is worth 1.0 FCE.  

Prerequisite - A course required as preparation for entry to another course

Qualifying Course: The Faculty of Arts & Science course taken at the University of Toronto as a Visiting Student in order to gain entry into degree studies through the Diploma to Degree Program.  Students are required to obtain a 60% in their Qualifying Course.

Retained credit: A credit earned from a U of T course taken before the student became a degree student.  The retained credit counts towards the degree the student is pursuing.

Transfer Credit - A credit that a student is granted based on previous studies (for example from a course taken at a different institution). Transfer Credit counts towards the degree the student is pursuing.

Visiting Student: The status given when a student applies to the University of Toronto to take their Qualifying Course