Diploma to Degree

Statement of Intent & Online Application Form

Statement of Intent:

You will be required to attach a Statement of Intent when you submit your online application.  You will be asked to answer five questions in paragraph form, so it is important to start thinking about your responses before logging in and starting the application.  The questions include:

  1. Why do you want to pursue the Diploma to Degree Program at the University of Toronto?
  2. What programs are you interested in pursuing at the University of Toronto?
  3. What are some of your long term goals after the University of Toronto?
  4. Why is the Diploma to Degree pathway right for you at this time?
  5. What is your financial plan for your University of Toronto course?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions!! Your eligibility will not be based on your responses.

Consider the following when choosing a qualifying course:

  • Select your qualifying course with your programs of interest in mind
  • You can view the different programs and requirements on the Newly Admitted Website or in the Calendar
  • Plan to enroll for the first term (F section course) of the summer session if you are taking your qualifying course right after your fourth semester
  • You should have several different qualifying course options in mind
  • You can check the day and time the course is offered by viewing the 2018 Summer Timetable. You can view the Preliminary 2018 Summer Timetable here. The Final 2018 Summer Timetable will be posted on the Faculty of Arts & Science website in late January, 2018. 
  • Contact us if you do not understand the codes used in the timetable, such as a half credit (H=0.5) and full credit course (Y=1.00) 
  • Do not enroll in courses for which you will receive a Transfer Credit.  More information is available on the Transfer Credits & Chart page.
  • Choose first year (100-level) courses carefully! University of Toronto students cannot take more than 6 first year (100-level) courses at U of T.  Consult with the Program Advisor if you are thinking about doing a first year (100-level) qualifying course.  
  • If you are taking courses at U of T and in your diploma program at the same time, make sure to avoid scheduling conflicts and allow sufficient time for travelling between the two campuses. 

Conditional Offer of Admission:

We will review and process all complete applications and provide you with an Offer of Conditional Admission via email within 2 weeks of submitting your complete application.  We may contact you if we require further documents.  Your Offer will provide you with detailed instructions about your admission and next steps on course enrollment and fee payment.

Your conditional admission to the Diploma to Degree Program will be finalized only once we receive your official transcripts and College Recommendation from your advisor.

Portable Documents