Diploma to Degree

Information Session and Visits

College Information Session:  Advisors from Woodsworth College visit the partnering colleges for an information session in fall and spring. 

Campus Information Session: Eligible students are invited to Woodsworth College for an information session on campus.  The Campus session takes place in spring.

Please contact your college advisor for more information on information sessions.

College Contacts:

George Brown College:

Maurizio Dodaro, Coordinator General Arts and Science,  416-415-5000 x 6316 or by email

Website: http://www.georgebrown.ca/pls/

Humber College:

Leah K. Zeidler, Program Coordinator--College and University Transfer Profiles, (416) 675-6622 Ext: 72174 or by email

Dr. Barbara Morris, Program co-ordinator, General Arts and Science, (416) 675-6622 Ext: 73280 or by email

Website: https://www.humber.ca/liberalarts/programs/gas

Seneca College:

Denise Wales - 416-491-5050 ext. 22587 or by email

Website: http://www.senecacollege.ca/fulltime/LAT.html