Diploma to Degree

Calendar and Timetable

The Calendar and Timetable contain key information that you will need in order to select courses and plan your programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you are unsure how to interpret anything found in the Calendar and Timetable. 

Summer 2018:

You can find course listings on the 2018 Summer Timetable. It is important to check the section code (which indicates when the course is being offered) in the timetable and to cross-reference the course information with the Calendar description.

Fourth Semester Students: A reminder that you must enroll for the first term (F section course: May 7 - June 26, 2018) of the summer session if you are taking your qualifying course right after your fourth semester and plan to transfer for the following fall session.

Fall/Winter 2018-19:

The Final 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Timetable will be posted on the Faculty of Arts & Science Website in late February, 2018. You can view the current Calendar for course descriptions, course prerequisites as well as Program requirements.  It is important to read the course description in the Calendar when trying to find out more information about a particular class that you wish to take as your qualifying course or to find out more information about a specific program. 

If you are thinking about taking your qualifying course during the Fall/Winter session, you should consult with the Program Advisor. We want to ensure that you are selecting an appropriate course and creating a schedule that will work for your diploma and U of T studies. Keep in mind that you may need to select an evening course and include sufficient travel time to and from your college to avoid any conflict with your diploma studies.