Degree/Non-degree Students

If you were previously registered as a degree or non-degree student at Woodsworth College in the Faculty of Arts and Science and you wish to return after an absence, you must first meet with an academic advisor at Woodsworth College and then submit a Request for Re-registration Form (charge $25) through the Woodsworth College Registrar’s Office. Re-registration is necessary for students who have not registered in the Faculty within the previous 12 months.

Submit the “Request for Re-Registration” form at least one week prior to the fall/winter enrolment window for your year of study. Prior to course selection you will need to make sure you are enrolled in an appropriate combination of Programs for your degree. Your academic advisor can clarify the degree requirements you are following and can inform you of any changes in policies and procedures that have occurred since you were last registered. 

The “Request for Re-Registration” form can be accepted until mid-August for Fall/Winter enrolment although space in courses will be limited at that point.

Students who request to register for courses late will be subject to a $44 late registration fee. Any student who has been removed from courses they were enrolled in because they did not pay or defer their fees on time will be required to pay a $61 reinstatement fee. Administrative fees collected by Woodsworth College are payable at the Office of the Registrar by debit or credit card.