Arts and Science students who have completed a minimum of 4.0 credits toward their degree are required to enrol in a suitable combination of Programs.  Allowable combinations include:

  • One Specialist
  • Two Majors
  • One Major + Two Minors

Students not enrolled in an appropriate combination of Programs will be blocked from enrolling in courses on ROSI.

Students apply for and/or choose their Programs beginning in April, and responses to applications where appropriate are available on ROSI prior to Fall/Winter course enrolment.

Programs in the Faculty of Arts and Science are divided into three categories:
Type 1 : April 1 to September 25

Type 2 and Type 3

First Request Period Dates: 

  Request Programs   April 1 to May 11
  Results Available    June 30 (July 1 - Canada Day Holiday)
  Accept offer   July 4 to August 3


Second Request Period Dates:

  Request Programs   July 4 to August 28
  Results Available   September 16
  Accept Offer   September 17 to 25


Type 3 Programs: Not all departments/sponsors accept second round applications. If listed on the Faculty website on July 2, follow the instructions. If not listed, contact the department.