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Posted July 20, 2017

Digital Humanities Courses at Woodsworth!

New courses in this brand new field starting in Fall 2017

Getting in the excitement of our upcoming fall/winter semesters, Woodsworth now has two new courses! These courses are in Arts and Science calendar, within the new field of Digital Humanities and are taught by Professor Alexandra Bolintineanu. Alexandra is a medieval digital studies specialist cross appointed to the Centre for Medieval Studies and the College.  Her current project, Technologies of Unknowing, is a study of medieval wonders in digital environments.


 Introduction to Digital Humanities (WDW235) and Virtual Worlds: Introduction to Spatial Digital Humanities (WDW236) are the two courses. Introduction to Digital Humanities will deal with the study of human culture using computational tools and methodologies while at the same time studies digital technologies and communities through a humanist lens. Virtual Worlds: Introduction to Spatial Digital Humanities gives a digital humanities perspective on the virtual worlds in which we are immersed, from scholarly digital archives to video games. The theory and methods of geospatial humanities research are emphasized. Students will also explore the technical and cultural implications of computer vision, augmented reality and 3D printing.


 Woodsworth is proud to have these new courses that represent this modern time, where the digital world is important to both analyze and to understand.

More information about these courses is available here.