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Posted July 25, 2017

Interview with Woodsworth’s Associate Registrar

We ask our Associate Registrar some questions students will want to know

The time of year has come where students are picking their courses, and incoming students are looking forward to what university life has to offer. It can be a stressful time, so we sat down with our Associate Registrar, Jennifer Guyatt, to ask some questions both incoming and current students may have.

1.      Why would a student choose Woodsworth?

I can tell you what I have heard over the years from students who have chosen us; they really like the diverse sense of community that exists here. We are not only the home of the Faculty’s major access programs (Academic Bridging and Diploma to Degree), but also the home of many high academic performers. In the past couple of years we have had Governor General Silver Medalists, and a Rhodes scholar among our graduating class. We tailor a lot of our services to specific populations, so everyone feels like they belong here and are well supported.

Appearance wise, some students like the blend of Victorian and Modern architecture – our building has won a number of awards.  There is great open student study and meeting space.  Other students choose us because of our logistical proximity to their academic programs – notably Criminology/Sociolegal Studies and Rotman Commerce.

2.      Course selection can be overwhelming for students, if they needed help selecting courses and guidance, can they drop by the Registrar’s office for help? 

Yes, this is largely what we do at the Registrar ‘s office – we help student navigate the complexities of the degree requirements and Faculty policies, and create a workable academic plan with them.  Hand in hand with this goes good financial planning – and we have a dedicated Financial Advisor who can connect students to government and university financial resources to support achievement of their academic goals.  We see students one-on-one in scheduled appointments, or during “dropin” advising times on Tuesdays all year round.

3.      What is the Woodsworth ONE program and why would it be beneficial?

Woodsworth ONE is a great and beneficial program for first year students to aid in their transition to U of T. The classes are very small which leads towards a strong sense of community and a direct relationship to the professor. With this program, unlike any other courses, there is a lot of interactive learning, from field trips to guest speakers. There are also workshops to help build academic skill such as time management and essay writing. In the 2017-2018 year students can take the Orders and Disorders stream in which examines laws, immigration, economic inequality and oppression. This course is very interesting and a great experience for first year students!

4.      If a student is interested in Summer abroad, could they get guidance from the Registrar’s office and would there be financial support through the college?

Encouraging international experiences among our students is an institutional priority.  A Summer Abroad is a less complicated way to achieve this international experience as students take a “UofT course on location” with one of our own faculty.  Every year we send over a thousand students to 16 countries.  As the webpage says, “The locations themselves become a “living textbook.”… students observe and experience ... the language, history, culture, art, religion, business, and politics of the host country”.  Advisors in the Registrar’s office can help students plan for these valuable experiences and financial assistance is available through the college for those who qualify.

 If you have any other questions be sure to email or call the registrars office, we are all here to help!