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Posted August 28, 2017

A Conversation with the WCSA President

President Ryan Minki Jeong discusses WCSA and what they do

 For incoming students, adjusting to university life can be hard, but that's why student associations are here to help aid this transition! WCSA is the Woodsworth College Student Association and the association that brings to life Orientation Week around the college. In order for you to know more about your student association, we asked the president, Ryan Minki Jeong, some questions on topics students want to hear about!

1.      What is WCSA and what does it provide for the Woodsworth community?

 Woodsworth College Students’ Association is the official student council of Woodsworth College, comprised of student representatives elected by the students. We serve, represent, and advocate for the students of Woodsworth College by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events having the diverse interests and needs of the student body in mind. Among the various services we offer funding to Woodsowrth Clubs, academic endeavours for students, and much more. We are currently expanding our offerings, as we strive to build a true community at the biggest college on campus.

2.      How would someone join WCSA? Are first year students welcome? Are there both volunteer and paid positions?

 WCSA facilitates both volunteer, and paid positions for all Woodsworth College students, including those who are in their first year of studies. In terms of volunteer positions, students may run for a seat to be a voting member of the WCSA Board of Directors (BoD) in either the general, or by-elections. Every year, a general election takes place in March, followed by the by-election, which is held in October. The WCSA BoD is a great way to get involved on campus, providing an invaluable leadership opportunity for those who are interested in contributing to the Woodsworth Community. Here all directors will have an opportunity to discuss, and vote on important student matters taking place at Woodsworth College, manage their own budget, as well as planning and executing events. We also have paid positions available, one of which includes Secretary of WCSA, whose role is to take minutes of all WCSA BoD and Executive Committee meetings, in addition to being in charge of compiling and formatting Board packages. Finally, we have two paid office staff positions. Office staffs will be working closely with the Board to help ensure successful execution of WCSA initiatives. The position includes basic office duties such as answering telephone calls and responding to emails. Being a WCSA Office Staff member is an engaging position that requires regular interaction with Woodsworth students and staff in the WCSA office. Please ensure to check your U of T emails for updates on available positions!

3.      What do you think are the advantages for a new student to go to Orientation Week and join in the activities?

 Orientation is beneficial for students in many ways. It provides an opportunity for students to engage in social activities with their fellow incoming students, acts as a platform in making connections with senior students who may help them guide through university, but also allows first year students to academically prepare for the upcoming year via WOLF events. Most importantly, many life long friendships blossom during orientation week!

4.   If a student wanted to join a sports team or learn more about an event, can they stop by your office? Or would it be preferred to call or email?

 WCSA has two offices, located in the main building of Woodsworth College. For locker rentals, or any administrative queries, students may visit room 103, and if they'd like to talk with our directors to voice any concern, have any questions, or simply would like to chat, they can always visit both room 103, and 105! 

 WCSA is home to various intramural sports teams, and all students are welcome to join any teams they’d like to be a part of. Students who are interested in joining any intramural sports teams should contact Valerie Dos Santos, our Vice President of Athletic Affairs. Valerie can be reached via email at


 For more information make sure to go to WCSA's webpage!