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Posted October 17, 2016

Alumni Cafe: The Worm and the Book

Investigating the new and fascinating field of Digital Humanities

Woodsworth College Alumni Association is proud to present Dr. Alexandra Bolintineanu, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Woodsworth College & Centre for Medieval Studies, who will be the Alumni Cafe speaker on October, 19, 2016.  Her topic will be The Worm and the Book:  Making and Sustaining Digital Archives


Dr. Bolintineanu's talk abstract:

My research examines wonders in Old and Middle English:  wonders that range from fearful ones, like the shadow-walking monster Grendel, or the dragon that broods on its treasure in Beowulf, to gorgeous faerie kingdoms and the Earthly Paradise, humankind's lost home, hidden beyond the limits of the world.  What brings these diverse wonders together is a remarkably stable poetics – imagery, motifs, ways of thinking – that survives from Old to Middle English, a poetics of wonder at whose heart is unknowing.  But even as the poetic technology, if I may call it that, is remarkably stable, the archive it binds together is fragile and fragmentary.  The poetic texts that survive are few, anonymous, hard to pinpoint in space and time.  Can we use digital methods to recover the losses, bridge the gaps, weave together the fragments of the past?  My talk examines the nexus between poetic and digital technologies, discussing how digital humanities approaches can be adapted to the study of the medieval archive.

To register, email or call 416-978-5301