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A testimonial:
Rouya Botlani always envisioned herself in a long, white lab coat helping people: “growing up I realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as I’d imagined, but I promised myself that I’d never take my eyes off achieving my goal.” 
A very engaged and engaging member of the Woodsworth family, Rouya has been on numerous committees and very involved with the Woodsworth College Student Association.  “All the different committees I’ve had the privilege of serving on have had to do with giving back, either to members of the Woodsworth community through a wide variety of programming or on a larger scale giving back to local charities and initiatives. “ She has also attended over 30 conferences, workshops and seminars either organized by Woodsworth College, the Office of Student Life or external groups.  She said that the presenters’ life stories have inspired her time and time again.
Rouya chose U of T because she wanted to be close to her family and to attend a university where she would receive an excellent education. Coming to U of T allowed her to achieve both of her goals.
Rouya has benefitted from the generosity of donors to Woodsworth.  Having received a bursary, she was able to continue studying full-time and in turn, felt that she had the opportunity and responsibility to give back to students in the college community. 
Now entering her fourth year majoring in Human Biology, Rouya has kept her word to herself and has almost completed the first step in achieving her goal.