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Celebrating 44 years of the University of Toronto Summer Abroad Program
In the summer of 1972, a small group of students ventured to Siena, Italy, where they participated in language, history and art courses. Since then, the Summer Abroad Program has grown to become the largest course-based study abroad program in Canada.  There are now over 50 U of T courses for students to choose from held in 15 different locations around the world. 
For forty years the Summer Abroad Program has enriched students’ academic lives by providing exciting and educational international experiences.  Top U of T professors teach courses in all the programs.
Internationally renowned and site specific research conducted by these faculty members, form the topics and themes of their courses. Students earn a full-year credit in four to six weeks by pairing classroom study with hands-on engagement in activities ranging from biological fieldwork in the Ecuadorian rain forest, to comparing perspectives on international politics with Fudan University students in Shanghai.
In the past two years a new Science Abroad component was added to the program.  Two examples of such courses this year were the chemistry course offered through the Drug Discovery Research Centre at the University of Szeged in Hungary and the Human Biology course offered through the School of Medicine at the University of Shandong, China.  The experiential learning process of Science Abroad, in which students earn course credits through their work in real-world laboratories, provides students with a unique opportunity to apply the theory they have learned.  
Many students benefit from bursary funding that enables them to participate in the Summer Abroad Program.  For one such student, Beth MacDonald, going abroad had a significant impact on her education: “Having the opportunity to see and learn in another part of the world has now left me with the lust to learn and explore even more.”